Tuesday, May 31, 2016


It's a May cloth. I plan to work on it into the night since it's already the last day of May...if you know the feeling of snowflakes in your brain when something finally reveals itself, then you know how I felt when it came to me. A branch of May we'll bring to you is a line from the Cambridge May Song. 

This year I'm planting polyculture beds in the Buddha garden. That means mixing it all up for better growth, more beneficial insects, less harmful insects, and more beauty. This excites me to no end because even though I always intermingle vegetables with flowers, usually all the green beans are together and all the peppers together, etc. to make rotation easier. But this year there will be a few bush beans here and a few over there. A pepper plant here and another one there and there. Carrots over there and carrots here. Sunflowers wherever. Like that.

My planting ritual is a little different this year too. I still whisper grow-baby-grow while placing each plant (or seed) into its new home. But now there's more. I promise the plant deva (spirit) the plant has a good home by watering it immediately with water from the big enamel pot, filled earlier and warmed by the sun. Saying I will take care of you.

And all of a sudden tedious changed into sacred.



  1. Funny but my country Gran and Mum would tell me off if I brought in May blossom to the house. They thought it was unlucky in the house?
    Yet it looks beautiful, growing lush in our fabulous field heging!
    Wonder why theyd associate the blossom indoors as unlucky!

  2. Oh and I adore that little May textile !

  3. May cloth is perfect, love the full moon and the bits of vintage fabric. There always a new way to journal the earth and moon.
    Your new planting plan makes a lot of sense, and the planting ritual will bring a lot of growth to the plants and you!

  4. love the "visual" of your planting Ritual....love it a lot.
    the change it creates Inside US, these things.....

  5. late eve, out giving water, and thinking again of this...seeing you
    leaning over, also giving water to each and i was really a nice
    thing...thinking how we both might be doing this at the same time,

    Thank you, Peggy, for this Post

  6. When I used to plant in the church garden, always put a bit of beer in the hole for the roots to get happy on, and they did :-->

  7. Oh Peggy...the May cloth is wonderful!! I love how it came together. May you, your garden and your blooming cloths all be well and happy.

  8. Hi Peggy! You had asked about my bags. Interested in a trade? You can email me at dulcy@sbcglobal.net. Would love one of your stitched pieces for June if that 's something that interests you.

  9. Ritual does add richness, doesn't it? I often imagine fairies flitting about you in your garden,singing & whispering to you.

  10. you sound like a Findhorn planter!

  11. Yes, mixing it up is good and makes for a stronger garden I believe. I'll be out in the garden today and will be thinking of your garden.