Wednesday, January 13, 2016


The past year wasn't the easiest for me but changes needed to be made. And I'm here to say many things are, in fact, different...I tried to listen to my inner voice and act more from the heart and a shift has occurred. Like maybe down-shifting into a slower, more powerful gear.

Feeling more free along with the spirit of a new year so full of promise and potential, I really wanted to join in on the focus-word-for-the-year concept. Didn't have much luck on my own though, everything I hit on seemed related to self-care and I really didn't like the feeling of being my own baby for a year. Not this year anyway.

So I turned to Susannah Conway's website and used her materials to go deeper with this idea. She has created a free downloadable program to help zero in on a focus word (or several words) and another free downloadable program to incorporate that focus into everyday life. 

I realized what I really wanted was to create a favorable environment for myself that allows me to thrive and do my thing. 

Flourish. A good word. 

And those are our good dogs, Talula and Daisy.

I'm not here to improve the house or other people or groups of people, I'm here to be myself. 

So, hopefully, no big house-or-otherwise projects in the year ahead. But rather abundant time and space to flourish.



  1. slower and more powerful gear. perfect

  2. i like that... "I'm here to be myself". doing that will no doubt improve your surroundings and all those within your circle. love seeing all those scraps.

  3. This is a post rich for pondering, not only because of what you have said...but because of recent comments made to me as well. And you are right flourish is a grand word. May you do so with abandon!

  4. Sounds the ideal path to personal enlightenment and contentment to me.
    Tread steadily and slowly :)
    Love the circles !!

  5. "Flourish" is a good word. Space and Time...not always easy! The "moons" are wonderful! I love your plant-dyed cloth!

  6. Peggy, what a perfect word for you. I used Suzanne's website, too & am still thinking on it. I have no doubt that you will create an even stronger space for wonderful you! (I do love that top right moon & the blue one on gray…other worldly.)

  7. Although I only see one good dog, I believe there are two.
    Your word is active. What word for me? I'll think on it.

  8. I've read your post a couple of times.... flourish is just such a great word to strive for, and I may make it mine too! Beautiful photography as always, and gorgeous stitching projects.

  9. flourish implies so much. self-care for sure, but as a given, not as a project. perhaps your new relationship to time? not getting in my own way is a challenge.