Monday, June 4, 2012

leaf shawl full moonday art

She stands before the full moon wearing her lemon balm leaf shawl. Lemon balm leaves have scalloped edges -- a scalloped edge can be knitted -- this might be the stirrings of a new knitting project. A leaf shawl.

Today is a full moonday in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, the archer. Every full moon is when to recognize and acknowledge positive things in our present circumstances. Whether that includes a project completed or a simple awareness, there is nothing too small to be gratefully noticed and honored at this time.

Since I just saw the movie, The Hunger Games, with an archeress lead character, I've been thinking about the archer's qualities -- extroverted, honest, adventurous, courageous, attuned with nature, easily moves forward, and focuses on the greater good. Who can't use a little Sagittarius energy every month? Something to watch for is how our words (like arrows) are released.

Sagittarius rules the hip and thigh areas. This means conditions and imbalances in those parts may flare up. But if we remember to take it easy, that doesn't have to happen at all!

All the zodiac signs have ruling planets and Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter -- weatherwise, this means dry and high temperatures with storms possibly amplified. Sounds like it could get exciting around here as we're in our thunderstorm season now in Colorado. 

Lemon balm, Melissa officinalis, and nettle, Urtica dioica, leaves are both scallop-edged. The lemon balm is on the left and the larger leaf on the right is nettle. Later today, I'll make lemon balm full-moon water to absorb magical, shimmering moon-rays through the night. The moon's energies in combination with lemon balm are thought to make a relaxing water to enhance mediation.

If you've made or are making full moon art over the next few days, I'd love to share your makings here, whether it be cloth, wool, photo, words, paint or ?  Leave your link in the comments or email me to have it posted on the drawing down the moon page on the sidebar. xo

*) For starters, see Joan's kantha-stitched moon cloth here

*) And Nancy's triple moons!

*) Nanette's moon(s) cloth and sunrise/moonset photo here.


Ms. said...

I used to make moon water-back in the nineties-was making a batch then, when a guge gas pipe explosion caused mayhem at a building near here and asbestos was released into the neighborhood in fine dust-I threw it away and haven't made it since. You reminded me about how wonderful it can be. We are only on the third day of the full moon, so perhaps I can still catch some beneficial rays. Thankyou. The Kantha moon cloth is very fine over at copper creeker too.

woman with wings said...

Michelle, what a powerful memory, I hope you do make it again now, maybe to heal the trauma of the memory. It must have been terrifying.

It's just only the first day of the full moon so you'll have time. ;-)

deanna7trees said...

i'm going to make some moon water this evening. the lemon balm is doing so well in the garden.

woman with wings said...

Deanna, I'll be thinking of you when I make mine!

Nancy said...

The painting is grand :)
I have a bottle similar to yours...and love Joan's kantha too. Lovely post.

Nancy said...

PS are my moons....silly as they may be :)

woman with wings said...

Thanks, Nancy, I love your photos! And your colander!

Nanette said...

Peggy, I just love that lemon balm leaf shawl, how clever are you? I've managed some full moon art this month, I've really missed the quiet contemplative time of sitting and letting what may be come, and then stitching away quietly. Anyway, here it is

woman with wings said...

Thanks, Nanette -- your moon cloth is wonderful. Glad you're getting back to your stitching. :-)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

as a sagittarian, i appreciated
this post...reminds me to be
what i can be....

woman with wings said...

Grace, oh yes, I can see you as an archeress!......and your words are released with kindness.

Jo said...

I *love* one! We've developed clouds (and rain, which we dearly need), so the moon has been hidden, and also the sun during the Venus transit. I like the little star in your painting too!

Sagittarius moon, I read once, was a good time to "laugh at yourself". For a Virgo, always taking myself too seriously, I always look forward to this moon to remember to play.

I'll be working on my painting today, the rain will keep me inside!

Anonymous said...

these are great :0)
i've really enjoyed seeing the submissions. such great projects!

Joan @ CopperCreeker

woman with wings said...

Jo, hey that star is Venus. I was thinking it at the time but wasn't connecting it at the time with the sun. Love it when that happens. Guess I was more connected to Venus than I thought. ;-)

We had rain, too. Lots. And 2" of rain and 3" of large hail in the southern suburbs.

Happy playing/painting.