Wednesday, November 30, 2016

magick with a k

I loved every minute of November.

Under the November full moon, I set out a jar of water and an amethyst cluster to be charged and blessed by the moon.

Moon water is to be used in meditation, ritual or as a wash for sacred objects.

One perfect night in November, five projects were laid out on the sewing table. 

I don't know why I do this kind of stuff. I even blocked the leaf.

In November, Lucia and Aggie's quilt (my grandmother and her sister) grew 16 blue moons. The moons are various fabrics from silk to cotton chenille and everything in between.

A piece of a paper wasp nest alongside honeycomb -- so beautiful -- from our colony of honeybees and some wasps that adopted us again this past year. They love it here.

Altar-making for spell-work: a journal covered with paper from Flow magazine (I think), a new moon candle on my mom's old mirror (see camera in hand) and an intention collage.

Intentions are thoughts and words coalesced and are especially well-done at the time of the new moon -- as the moon grows into fullness, so too will our intentions. On yesterday's new moon I documented my focus a little differently. I began by writing intentions down on an old card and immediately covered everything over with a coat of gesso. Then associated images and more words were collaged around my photo glued in the center. The overflow went on the back. Since it was a recycled card, it stands on its own. Making this was magick with a k.

I wasn't intending to overwinter the patchouli plant this year again but something made me change my mind at the last minute. Being the plant had already lost most of its leaves from the cold, I wasn't expecting much. But look -- she's blooming...and new leaves are sprouting every few inches. So happy.

A skeleton key attached to ribbon, threads, yarn, lace and one big tassel a bookmark makes.

On Thanksgiving we always Yule-craft and visit while we make, we listen to Friendsgiving on Pandora, we cook and some watch football, and there might even be time for games between dinner and dessert. This year we backed metal cookie cutters with card stock and went to town, some creations will be ornaments and others magnets. The youngest maker was four-almost-five years old.

The dogs and I still go outside every night before bedtime. I have to wear shoes now. We make sure the trees haven't changed positions, the yard is free of all rabbits and the moon and the stars still shine. It is dark, cold and magickal with a k.

Be well, be happy. xo


Nancy said...

Be well, be happy...

Ms. said...

One wants to know what/who is ak but content not to know. Much magik here and the obvious accompaniment of family. Giving thanks day a special treat.

deanna7trees said...

some wonderful rituals.

Luna Crone said...

What adorable Yule Tree ornaments!!!!!

"Magick with a K" I have wondered about "the K." What is the difference? Who prefers it? Why? Etc. If you have posted on this topic before, would you please point me to it? Please and thank you.

And ohhhhhhhhhh, that amethyst cluster!!! Happy sigh...

Early December gentle hugs,
Luna Crone

Deb from frugal little bungalow said...

I really enjoyed my early morning walks under this months' full moon...the supermoon :)

Love the idea of the cards / cookie cutter creations.

liniecat said...

I adore what you've done with the little metal cutters!
And I also love the moons too, beautiful!
There is something emotionally fulfilling about circles of fabric...
they are kind of habit forming I reckon : )

Peggy said...

Hi Nancy!

Michelle, I should have used quotation marks around the "k". I might change that. :)

Deanna, thank you!

Peggy said...

Luna Crone, thanks so much! Some people use the "k" when referring to their magical practice. It's personal preference -- I like both ways and usually use plain and simple magic....but there is something about that "k", isn't there? Hugs back.

Peggy said...

Deb, thank you -- and it was a most glorious moon, wasn't it? I only saw it at night, seeing it early in the morning must have been amazing.

Peggy said...

Lyn, thanks! The cookie cutters were fun to work with and could be as simple or elaborate as a person wanted. I tried to get mostly largish ones, around 4" to have enough room to put in trees and little figures. Yes, blue moons are addictive all right!

handstories said...

All of your circular shapes here are comforting, a feel of creating protection within their boundaries, all beautiful.