Thursday, November 3, 2016


Now that the three holy days of the thirteen month in the ancient Coligny calendar system  -- Samhain (Hallow's Eve), Dia de los Muertos and All Soul's Day -- have passed, I am beginning to resume normal life, albeit slower and more intentional. It has been a deep and sacred pause.

And Samhain has really only just begun when you remember that Samhain is the Gaelic word for November -- that means an entire month to continue in the deep. The boundaries between the visible and the invisible worlds are still thin, the loved ones we remembered still near, our connections not yet lost. It is now when we can more easily form questions and seek answers by accessing our psychic abilities and delving into our dreams...a simple everyday coincidence can feel either miraculous or magical. I love the visible work of this time and live for the invisible work of this time.

The little pink 16-square quilt was most likely hand sewn by my grandmother and/or her sister, they made everything together. It feels unfinished. I am sewing moons onto the outlined squares with my grandmother's scissors and pin cushion nearby. I wonder what their intentions were for this cloth and if they would like the moons.

The ancestral tarot layout on our dining room table is from the Gaian tarot guidebook. I am really enjoying the loving energy of the beautiful Gaian images -- also the structure is a little different from a traditional deck and I like that as well. This spread may be on the table for a while because it gives me such a good feeling every time it comes into view.

I am very excited about all the pods on the honey locust tree in our front yard and hope they don't come down anytime soon. The sound of those pods rattling in the wind is spectacular.

Also, one art journal page was made, more flowers were collected for our family altar, pomegranate seeds out for snacking, the eucalyptus dye bundle unrolled, and an invisible blue stone was rediscovered.

Blessings of seeds and stones to you. xx


Luna Crone said...

First thought.... Your lovely photos, are far from being invisible! :-)))

I would love to know your reason for calling last month, the thirteenth month.. please? This is new to me.

A whole month, "to continue in the deep"... How lovely. I had looked on Samhain as a time, near the date. Must remember to pay more attention to my dream. I usually try to, but skip at times.

The little old pink square... Lovely... A beautiful, tangible connection.

Tarot, something I know nothing about. Something that the religion I was born and bred and lived in, for 63 years, certainly did not approve of. -grin- But I've been broken free, from then, to present age of 79. Perhaps it is time to look? :-)

Early Winter blessings,
Luna Crone

Ms. said...

We need the whole month to heal and find our way forward. I won't say why because all of us alive in the world and conscious know that it's bigger than all of us. But, with the right magic of deep inner calm, we can keep our balance. it's a beautiful month and you have shown it so as always. Big love to you and the rattling pods dear Peggy.

Peggy said...

Luna Crone, hello and thank you! I added a link to my post that explains the concept somewhat. I first learned about this in Judith Berger's book Herbal Rituals -- the 13th month is the middle of the October/November lunar/solar period of the Coligny calendar system. Oh yes, I think you would like a tarot or oracle deck. The Gaian deck is thoughtful and positive. Blessings to you.

Peggy said...

Michelle, oh yes, your insight about using this month for healing is most comforting. It might not be coincidence that elections are in November...big love back to you. Rock, rattle and roll, right?

Luna Crone said...

Thank you for your answers...

Luna Crone

liniecat said...

November is my birthday month so 'healing' in that,
I have to come to terms with being another year older LOL
AND to add insult to injury, at yesterdays pre operation appointment,
I find I'm an inch and a half shorter now!
That's SO unfair lol
I need to concentrate on my healing clearly!

Such a pretty little pink stitchy piece, love the colour.

dulcy said...

I always think about your posts for days after I read them. I've been thinking about an old small pink quilt that I'm not really sure who made that I hang on to, but is put away. Maybe I'll add my own bits to it. Also been thinking about lost family and thin veils. Things I've felt, and familiar smells out of nowhere. Lovely month and time of year.... also, as usual, such beautiful photographs!

Deb G said...

I like your perception of November, as it gets darker and darker in this hemisphere, to think of it as going deeper.

handstories said...

I always feel brightened & lightened by the beauty here. This time especially by your beautiful sunlit cloth and the "visible" stone.