Friday, March 4, 2016


The croci are in full bloom now. I love that word, my friend and I giggled about it last weekend and we wondered if croci was correct. I looked it up to discover that both crocuses and croci are indeed correct. The pronunciation of Latin words can be tricky but someone told me the key is to pronounce every vowel because there are no silent vowels in Latin. Not sure if that is always the case, but seems to be so with plant nomenclature. Of course I remember none of this from my own years of Latin in high school.

Today is Friday which the calendar designates as when to practice the Law of Detachment. It says allow yourself and others the freedom to be who they are. What a relief, self-improvement is such a drag.

These were my mother's angel cards before she passed. Each card has a positive message and the one I drew this morning, patience, has an image of an angel sitting and knitting. Sometimes I think this is how my mom communicates with me so I'm going to obey and unbury my knitting this weekend.

The Resurrection Plant has been a lot of fun for us to watch. I poured off the water and placed a tiny crystal in the center so now we can watch it curl back up. Returning to its dormant state is proving to be a much slower process than resurrecting was. This phenomenon can probably be applied to a lot of things.

A pretty golden rose oil is in the works and what remains will be just right for a few quarts of rose petal infusion -- pour a quart of boiling water over about 3/4 cup of rose petals, then infuse for 45 minutes before straining -- tastes good, nourishes the heart and strengthens the ability to love yourself. 

The last of the Gertrude Jekyll roses look yellow but are still very fragrant. The amount of petals I collected for drying last summer turned out to be just right -- I love it when that happens and nothing goes to waste.

Planning what and when to sow inside this spring -- I will be more organized than ever, I tell myself. If you have an iPad or tablet, I highly recommend the little Targus keyboard case I just got. The iPad tilts and swivels and folds forward or backward -- like a laptop only more flexible.

The political scene has reeled me in, I've been rallying and caucusing and donating small increments of money. The Law of Detachment says do not force solutions -- allow solutions to spontaneously emerge. Uncertainty is essential and is the path to freedom. Okay. Must remember this every day of the week.



deanna7trees said...

my first comment disappeared so hope this doesn't post twice.
the law of detachment is a wonderful thing....makes for a very peaceful life. especially useful with what's going on in politics these days.
love the word Croci and you have such pretty ones. have a great weekend.

Nancy said...

So many thoughts here Peggy...yes, self-improvement can be a drag, especially when forced. I'm happy to be aging and learning that. Did your mother make the angels? Isn't it so nice when we feel them near? Mom mom has been near lately, in dreams and awake. Pansies were one of her favorite flowers :)
As far as the political scene...I wish I could detatch and allow solutions to come...It's a scary, scary time.

Ms. said...

Ah yes.....senses.....I rose petals from you, dry but still fragrant and I could use a bit of heart strengthening. No resurrection plant yet but I'm on the lookout, and I also have a basket full of Angel Cards (my own from the seventies...where DID I put them? As for the political scene (ghastly in the main), I too have sent small donations (unfortunately one check bounced but I got the bank to 'forgive' the fee and will send a replacement to the candidate...but above all, detachment, and patience.

Nanette said...

Golden rose oil!! How will you use it Peggy? I recently moved house, and 'inherited' a number of beautiful roses, they were planted by the old owner as a memorial garden to his wife, so I feel a sense of responsibility to keep them thriving. There's plenty of beautiful petals at the moment, so I'll try your heart strengthening infusion.

Peggy said...

Deanna, thank you -- detaching from politics, yes! -- hope it doesn't snow again for a while.

Nancy, pretty crazy stuff going on in this country. No, she didn't make the cards...glad you're feeling your mom nearby as we enter pansy season.

Michelle, yes, these angel cards are probably from at least the 80's, the images are sort of funky. A decent day for our candidate today (Saturday).

Nanette, did you your chickens move with you? So glad you have roses to care for and enjoy and use. I will use the rose oil as a body moisturizer after showering. I've been using herbal oils like that for a few months now and it feels so nice in this dry climate. If you use the rose petals for infusion, dry them first to make the nutrients more available. If you make an oil, you can use either fresh or dried but fresh would be best in an oil.

montana joe said...

ah, self-improvement...the never-ending quest of the new age! if we can rather simply learn to see, we would no longer seek to improve upon perfection. our clear pure nature is always there, no matter the amount of mud and debris we toss about to obscure it!

the rose oil looks divine and the rose water sounds marvelous! i miss having roses at hand. i used to turn my petals into rose petal wine, a glorious concoction that my taste buds only dream of these days...

breathe. allow. see.


Nanette said...

Yes Peggy, chickens are here with me, they have a lovely big yard to wander in, under the citrus trees....very happy hens. Thanks for letting me know about drying the rose petals for an infusion, I wondered about that today as I did some dead-heading. I have a lot to learn about roses.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

uncertainty is essential

thank you for these,