Monday, November 23, 2015

hitchhiker moonday


Today is a waxing moonday in earthy Taurus. Some common-sense Taurus aspects are strength, balance, patience and perseverance. Another big positive about Taurus energy under a waxing moon is that projects begun at this time will likely take hold, take off and be long-lasting -- anything temporary goes against the Taurus grain. Making changes can be harder under the sign of Taurus as well so it's best to just hold off a few days until Gemini. 

A little leaf punch was put to work. The art journal prompt for Journal52 Week30 is the road less traveled. Journal 52 will definitely be extended into 2016. The Hitchhiker (scarf) had a long rest but I'm back at it again -- 25 of the 42 total "points" are completed. I haven't read the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy but am curious about those 42 points so might need to do that some time. 

I love the idea of printing images on old book pages -- just playing with it until something good enough to frame emerges from the printer. I've been drinking eggnog coffee the last few mornings. I love plain eggnog too, it's a good thing for my butt that it's seasonal. 

I'm wishing you a beautiful week -- thanks for coming by. 



liniecat said...

Love that idea with the leaf cuttings!!

deanna7trees said...

love the punches in your leaves....and your scarf. always love seeing your cup since i have the same one. i had soup in mine today.

Nancy said...

Ooh...tell me more of this howling girl with the haunting look in her eyes! I have a teacher friend who loves the hole punching of leaves :)
SO, I am it hard to pick up a knitting project after a long break? Can get right back into the same tension etc? The light on your plants is so pretty Peggy. And I like how the printed book pages look...but I still struggle with the altered book thing (coming from my family of book people, as I do!)
Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend!

Anonymous said...

what fun with your printer! and the leaf-punch. was reading about fractals last night -- self replicating patterning on a diminishing scale. there you have one!

dulcy said...

I'm so inspired by your journal pages. It's something i love to do, but seem to avoid (silly). Journaling and sketch booking are on my list for the winter. Also, just finished a way too big glass of eggnog. I've never put it in my coffee, but sounds like a perfect combination!

Peggy said...

Lyn, thanks -- I had a small pile of confetti-size leaves by the time I was finished punching. I'm thinking it could be done on silk/fake leaves, too.

Deanna, thank you -- those cups make things taste better, I swear!

Nancy -- the girl who howls just really appealed to me, I don't know why. When I was a beginner knitter, my tension would vary quite a bit, but now it's pretty much consistent, thank goodness! Sorry about the book pages. :)

Dee, ha -- a fractal! Printing on weird stuff has already cost me more than one printer, I've learned my lesson to use paper only.

Dulcy, hey I put it off, too, even though I also love doing them -- that's why I'm only on week 30. Thank goodness I finished off that quart of eggnog. Destroy the evidence, you know.