Monday, March 9, 2015

leaf patch moonday

Green on black continued...I stitched a tiny leaf patch. Small things appeal to me now, maybe because I have so many projects in the works.

I tried the egg-in-the-avocado baking method that I've been seeing around. Baked at 425 for 11 minutes, the egg came out pretty well, but not sure that I'm a true fan of the hot avocado.

Journal52's art journal prompt for week 9 was "artistic restraint with shape and color" so I went with cut & torn circles and painted shades of green. The result is inner circles. It is what it is.

Today is a waning moonday in the very psychic sign of Scorpio. Scorpio days are fertile and beneficial for garden work, especially watering and pruning when the moon is also waning. Now is a great time to give houseplants haircuts and showers and pop a few nuggets of dog food down into the potting soil as an easy fertilizer. Make sure your dog doesn't see you doing it though. Desire and focus are Scorpio gifts -- another is the ability to more easily end connections.

Think I'm going to spend a few more days in the green. Wishing you a great green week, thanks for visiting. xo


deanna7trees said...

i keep promising myself i'm going to try and find a way to eat avocados....just never liked the you have any i do love your green journal page.

liniecat said...

Must try the avocado with an egg in it. I tried roasted avocado last week and quite liked it must admit though not something Id eat frequently.
Loving the green and black in your journal, Im guessing journaling could be very therapeutic.
Im a Scorpio and had an urge to get into the garden this past couple of weeks, in between the blessed rain showers.
I clipped back just before the full moon lol story of my life that, I always do things the contrary way lol

Nancy said...

That green and black is so stunning. But I think I've told you that!! I am really enjoying your journal pages. Each one is so full and interesting, while being beautiful to look at as a whole. I can't eat avocados, too rich for my stomach...but I love 'em!

suzanna said...

Hmmm...I must try the dog kibble as fertilizer...what a grand idea!

Anonymous said...

The black adds such a depth to your gorgeous greens, really wonderful combinations you've created here. No hot avocados for me, either!

jude said...

i love that leaf patch

Ms. said...

GREEEEEEEEEEEEEN! It's time, and your versions are lovely.

As for Avocado....I like it cold in chunks tossed with lemon, salt and bits of of toasted onion on a bed of steamed spinach. I've also poached an egg and served it in an avocado with garlic toast on the side. I like sometimes to mash garlic and avocado and spread it on toast.

Peggy said...

Hey thanks everyone. Regarding the avocado, Michelle's on to it with her ideas. Yum. I usually eat them right out of the skin with a spoon and the salt shaker. When my kids were in sports this was a handy pick-up food -- also sliced and dumped on top of salad. Not very adventurous, I'm thinking now. The incredible edible .... avocado? :)