Tuesday, December 23, 2014

december patterns

Every December I take photos of at least one sunrise -- I just realized that. Like a moth in darkness, I know I'm not the only one fluttering around the precious light. More strings of lights have been hung in this house this year than in a long time and thank goodness for the kind that come with timers now.

Every December I start craving fresh greens to eat and green threads to stitch. I would be a very good candidate to have a little greenhouse -- just big enough to grow lettuces in. I realized the easiest way to wash and dry lettuce is to trim off the bottom but still keep the bunch together while holding it under the faucet -- then pop into a container where the water just runs off, the same as it does when lettuce grows in soil.

And every December, the snowflake curtains are hung, to remain until winter is over. This is their fifth year, the best paper thing I've ever made.

I'm recognizing patterns, both intrinsic and extrinsic, in my life. It might be a good way to simplify and do what's truly meaningful in the future.

Thanks for visiting -- I wish you Peace in the changing Light! xo


deanna7trees said...

always love seeing your snowflake curtains.must create pretty patterns when the sunlight comes through.

Ms. said...

yes indeed, those stars and snowflakes are brilliant. May the dark season let light in to your precious heart to keep it warm. Happy holidays.

Anonymous said...

Your glittering sparkling world is a blessing. Wishing you a year of light.

Nancy said...

Yay! The snowflakes have arrived! 5 years already?! Wow. I like your bouquets of lettuce. Nice to see this moondala represents the light of the solstice (well to me). Pure joy here. My mentor of honoring rituals. Enjoy the season.

dulcy said...

The snowflakes in the window are amazing and so are the glittery houses in the previous post. Great list too! Love it all!