Monday, November 24, 2014

a showy moonday

I love that I didn't see it coming. I came out to the living room the other morning and lo and behold the Christmas cactus had become a Thanksgiving cactus. Best of all are its magenta blossoms combined with the colors in those handmade pillows -- downright showy.

Some other pillows around the house that I am crazy about -- the sunshine pillow reminds me of my parents who sang that song to us kids. And there's the sweetest little fragrant sleep pillow, a party favor, in front of the smile pillow on the bed. The word smile is a reminder for when I wake up in the morning, inspired by this. A lot of days, I don't notice it until I make the bed though. You'd think I really like to make the bed because I'm always smiling.

The colors of the knitted leaves I blocked this morning are bright and cheery -- hoping to make a bunting with them in time for Thanksgiving Day.

Today is a waxing moonday in Capricorn. Capricorn is task-oriented and we are influenced to be more organized and disciplined about getting things done. I always welcome a Capricorn moon, especially when there's a lot to do. And there is.

Wishing you a good start to the new week, it's going to be wonderful, yes?


Ms. said...

Oh how gorgeous--how bright and touching-Sunshine memory, those leaves! smile-then to the link and totally blown away by the reference to my March accidents. It was JUST what I needed as I set off on my train trip tomorrow. I am already giving thanks thanks to YOU, and slightly smiling as I fall into bed for a few hours sleep.

Nanette said...

Peggy! such beautiful colour.....I noticed the cactus straight away and thought how clever of you to have it near complimentary colours..gorgeous all.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your place does my eyes good today! Those cheery leaves and cactus blooms are just the thing in these gray days. The "sunshine" song makes me smile with memories of my pre-k classes singing it.

liniecat said...

I absolutely love the smile pillow! And with such a beautiful family provenance.
Im guessing the cactus is just expressing its own gratitude at living in such a caring home - lol

Nancy said...

I love those little leaves! So much color going on over here!

Peggy said...

Hi everyone and thank you so much for your nice comments. Color satisfies some inner need, I think.