Monday, October 20, 2014

lovely moonday

It is warm and windy and gorgeous out there. I'm finding pretty leaves to press and bright marigolds to cut for our Day of the Dead altar. I noticed a few nature-made dye-pots in the garden, one in a birdbath and the other in a tote bin. That made me want to join in on the fun so I cut some red amaranth and plopped it into a dye-pot to sit right there in that exact spot for the next few months, maybe even until spring -- counting on rain water so hope it rains soon.

The little October mandala stitchery of raspberry and onion eco-dyed wool continues to be a pleasure to work on but I can't stop looking at and squeezing the Noro Kirara yarn for my next project -- the Stitch Sampler Shawl that Deanna showed us a few weeks ago. I've never worked with Noro before and am curious about how the three different colorways will unfold.

Today is a waning dark moonday in Virgo. It's time to relax and rest. And release. So I'll sit tight and wait until the new moon on Thursday to cast on the shawl. Hoping for a wonderful week for all.


deanna7trees said...

Noro is a wonderful yarn to work with. i just started the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf that's on Ravelry and am using the Noro Silk Garden Lite yarn. i love how the color changes in all the Noro yarns.

Nancy said...

The colors at your place are always a comfort. Love this moondala along with all the rest. You sure do have a way with these colors :)

handstories said...

Your pots of color are magical brews, and there is something magical about the color changes in Noro. I once crocheted a granny square skirt with it.

Deb G said...

I think you will have a lot of fun with the Noro. It's great yarn. My mom gave me some amaranth to play with. It's dried out a bit but I should still give it a try.