Tuesday, September 2, 2014

september things

I'm having a grape time around here. St. Theresa grapes always ripen earlier than Concords -- and I say it all the time, but they are the best homegrown grapes I've ever had and the juice (that I freeze) is so sweet we usually add water before drinking it. I look forward to the winter day when we thaw that first jar from St. Theresa. Today I picked and processed a little over one gallon of grapes and will probably be doing a batch a day for the next couple of days. A gallon of grapes doesn't really make all that much juice, unfortunately, but it's a pleasant pastime. You can see I've learned to cover the counter tops with towels for this project.

I've been wanting to sew but didn't have anything front and center going -- ended up with an older piece, one that stalled out, and immediately I knew what it needed. More circles, of course.

Going up on the wall -- the September calendar cloth from last year's drawing down the moon sewing ritual. Black and white, always easy on the eyes.

Today's waxing half-moon in Sagittarius helps lift self-imposed filters -- we can be more positive and better able to express ourselves . . . free and footloose.

I love September, it's sort of dreamy outside today. Every time I step out to do something, I feel myself being drawn to do nothing. Enchanted almost.

To a really nice week. xo


Ms. said...

Mouth watering things, beautiful stitches, and the lift of spirit that always arrives when I visit here--for these I am grateful. So I am sending you this gift of song:
"Do The Right Thing"
with the Family and a kids choir

Ms. said...

typo on the song corrected:


Peggy said...

Michelle, thank you, I feel a lift when I visit your blog, too. And I LOVE that song!!!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Peggy, love your weaving and your picture of the grapes on the swing. The moon reading was exactly what I needed to hear. Hopefully I'll be footloose and free this weekend! Ready to play with the dye pot.

~Niki~ said...

I have a giveaway for fabric. very little entries so far.
if you wanna pop by and enter :)

Nancy said...

I remember that cloth, the one that stalled. In cooking, everything is better with onions and garlic...in stitching I'd have to say it's the circles! Can't go wrong there. I am intrigued by the white on wood flowers, the crocheted rock and the moon plate...do tell more! Another beautiful spot to rest my eyes...Peggy's Place :)

Anonymous said...

always nice to resurrect a stalled cloth, isn't it? I love September, too... and as always, the beautiful pictures that I find here, expressing reverence and finding beauty!