Tuesday, January 21, 2014


With the waning moon, I feel less like starting anything new now. I continue to stitch a few rounds here and knit a few rounds there. Doing some sorting and filling a box for Goodwill. Thinking about projects a little but just a little. Collecting materials. Reading and reflecting more. Noticing words I've not used before. Ingathering, like Talula up there with her thoughts.

I had the idea that a flower bouquet a month might be nice -- first in a vase and then on cloth. So far, I've used November's flowers and December's eucalyptus and this bouquet is January's.

The results from dyeing with avocado, I like the two pieces on the right the best, peachy wool and silk velvet, dyed with fresh avocado peels. The pieces to the left were dyed in frozen peels and pits together and turned out to be more drab. There was enough of the frozen dye-bath to dye a set of napkins but I decided to wait for a better color for them.

5 pomegranates from last autumn still drying. One rattles a little so they're getting close. Pinning bright hearts on the black velvet long cloth, I guess it's a heart cloth now.

To ingathering.


deanna7trees said...

those first 2 pieces of dyed cloth are subtle but definitely pink. i like subtle. Talula made me laugh.

Nat Palaskas said...

The moondala is coming along very nicely. I like dyeing from flower bouquet. Never waste a thing in our household - Hugs Nat

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Loving your moodala. I didn't start a moon cloth, this weekend my husbands been ill, so I've been busy taking care of everything, home and work. I keep quilting on my wool quilt, it relaxes me after a long busy day. No thinking just rocking the needle meditating.
Love the idea of using your monthly bouquet of flowers to dye with. Your peachy wool turned out just like mine, using dried pits.

Nancy said...

Funny, I like the two on the left best. I'm not too peachy of a gal I guess! Love the vase and glass block (I think I've said this before!) And the heart long cloth - so bold and bright and full of promise :)