Wednesday, January 1, 2014

new moon new year

Happy New Year! Doesn't it seem auspicious that the new year, already brimming with possibilities, also begins with a new moon? It's very exciting. This year I continue my efforts to synchronize myself with the moon and other rhythms of nature -- with my lifestyle, the things I make, gardening, and even my inner work.

A new moon enhances and strengthens any kind of beginning. A full moon is a time of completion and acknowledgment. And the dark moon is a time for inner discovery. This will be a kind of template for me -- and you, too, if you wish to join in -- to refer to throughout the month. It may change or expand with time, but the focus will hold true.

And so I begin. Each new moon I draw two cards for insight, one from each deck -- a ritual that I've practiced for a long time. I see the cards as an unencumbered method of communicating and being honest with myself. Last month, both of the cards I drew had a theme of strength, which was unsettling at first. I wondered why I would need to be strong because life was easy-going at the time. As the month unfolded, however, it proved to be difficult and pretty darn sad at times. I returned to those strength cards over and over to reread their messages and I think they helped.

I recently watched Sanna make pomegranate juice with a regular citrus juicer, a new technique for me -- I've only ever made pomegranate juice by putting the seeds in the blender and then straining them out of the liquid. This was much nicer and it tastes sweet and delicious.

Beginning anew is a good way to describe my sewing project. I'm returning to the black velvet long cloth with new ideas. It was started a few years ago during one of the first classes I took with Jude. Blogging was new to me then, on-line classes were new, and stitching freely with no pattern was really new -- lots of things have changed.

A dye bundle was made. I rolled and steamed a scrap of wool with eucalyptus leaves & stems, and pomegranate parts -- to be completed and unrolled on the full moon.

I thank you for visiting. I'm only doing things I love to do today and being here is one of them. Looking forward now -- it's going to be a great year, isn't it? xo


deanna7trees said...

that cloth did look familiar to me. i love it all over again. is that a working phone...what a treasure. wishing you a magical year.

Peggy said...

Hi Deanna, thank you, I'm hoping for some magic. With that cloth, I feel like I know so much more now -- new stitches, for one! The phone is non-working, but could be hooked up if we had a jack nearby. It's one of my favorites.

Suzanna said...

I think it will be a good year, Peggy...can't wait to see how your bundles turn out!

Nat Palaskas said...

I love pomegranate and its juice. I never them myself, but seeing what you did I might try it too. Looking forward to see the result of the dye bundle - Happy New Year Peggy - Hugs Nat

Ms. said...

Oh, what BEAUTY! The drop of juice on the slicing board! That telephone! The pattern on the cards back! "January" Ca!endar! The dye materials on cloth! Your Heart embroidery! The moon information! Thank you so much. I am brightened and delighted.

Nancy said...

Coming here never fails to feed me. Thank you. The pomegranate is beyond gorgeous...the phone...Oh MY!!! The wrap and the return of this beautiful quilt. So, will this quilt be your moon connection for the year? I've been waiting to read what you will be doing. Will you post all of the moon flags of 2013 all together as you did the paintings? I can barely wait to see all of your wonderful happenings over here! happy New Moon/Year to you :)