Monday, December 2, 2013

#12 moonday


Oh my gosh, this little full moon cloth was so much fun to make. Getting to use something I'd already begun was really nice for several reasons, one being that the color scheme was already in place and I got to just go with the flow. It is extremely sturdy with a linen front and a cotton backing and all the layers of houses and the moon and the sun. I love stitching on linen. This moon cloth is number 12 in a series of 13 moon cloths, my sewing ritual for this year.

Last week our family gathered to craft and play and feast as is our tradition on Thanksgiving Day. The turkey place-settings were made by one of my girls, we will definitely be saving them for future Thanksgivings. Our craft was making bell jar ornaments -- everyone had fun with this and even some of the guys got into it. I took photos of most of the finished ones, but not all.

The cloche-tops were made from plastic wine glasses from Dollar Tree -- I grinded the nub off of each one with a Dremel drill, I thought they stuck out too much but some people leave them as is. The trinkets came from stash and internet miniature shops. Also, we used a circle punch, some card stock, glitter, trimmings, beads and string for the hangers, and that about did it. There are a few crafty sites with directions, but I liked these the best (thanks, Ashlee). I've noticed similar glass ornaments this year at both Anthropologie and Target so I guess they're in the air.

Today is a new moonday in Sagittarius. We begin a fresh new month with this new moon and anything seems possible. A new moon is when to begin a new project,  form intentions, or make wishes while Sagittarius makes us more imaginative, adventurous, and confident. A perfect mix.

I just read this quote -- "be aware enough to notice some moment of perfection this day" (William Law) and so that is my hope for all of us -- that we can notice moments of perfection.


Jeannie said...

Your sun/moon cloth is my moment of perfection today! It makes me so happy. :) The colors, the stitching, the elements all combined to a happy piece. Your dinner sounds like so much fun and the place cards are fantastic! I love the bell jars and they each pack so much personality. Have a beautiful week, Peggy.

deanna7trees said...

oh that moon cloth is one of my favorites...all that stitching adds so much beautiful texture. must be a fun time at your house with all the crafting going on. how wonderful.

Nat Palaskas said...

Love the bell glasses idea. Thanks for the link too. Your moon cloth is gorgeous and colorfull. So much stitching go into it - Hugs Nat

Peggy said...

Thanks, Jeannie! Thanksgiving was a lot of work but it was even MORE fun. Plus I haven't cooked since Thursday with all the leftovers. :)

Deanna, thank you -- yes, what a difference the stitching made on this, texture-wise.

Thanks, Nat -- we'll need sunny colors here this week, we're expecting frigid temperatures and SNOW! (which I secretly love this year, more than a person ought to)!

Nancy said...


I love how the bell jars echo the moon cloth in retro-feel. That mushroom fits right in for sure! I had an old fuzzy dear ornament once belonging to my aunt, long ago given away, but it would work well for this project! And those ballerinas...oh my daughter had BD cakes w/ those! The colors here are grand and must show up just great against the SNOW!!! We're supposed to get cold...for SoCal anyway :)
Oh...and I really like the radiating stitches on the moon.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your moon cloth is so much fun. Love the vintage pieces in it and all the stitching.
What a fun and creative Thanksgiving you had, with a very creative family. I thought the bell jars were glass, they turned out great.