Monday, September 30, 2013

waning crescent moonday

The crocheted green cowl is finished, only because I ran out of yarn -- I loved working on this and will miss it. Maybe I need to start a bigger crochet project? The moon stones on the cowl show how the moon has appeared the last week or so. Where does the time go?

A big event occurred in the sewing room -- one curtain panel was finally chosen and hung -- I'll be going back for three more. It's been a slow process, converting a kid's bedroom into a sewing space. I think there's a part of me that doesn't want to let go of what the room was. And I'm wondering if purple can be a neutral -- because I really do like the purple but I like a lot of other colors, too. Not much stitching has happened because I was out of black floss until yesterday, in the meantime things are contained in the circle.

The little blue doily under the blue stone was crocheted by my Great Aunt Aggie. She had it shaped into a butterfly with a pipe-cleaner but I took it apart for the blue stone flower grid on my table. Have you ever repeatedly chosen the same card from a deck or rolled the same number on a set of dice? Well, that's what happened with both of the cards I drew on the last new moon. Even after shuffling and cutting the decks, I somehow drew the exact same cards as I had in August. From both decks. I guess I'm not done holding still.

Today is a waning crescent moonday in Leo. We may find that we're less interested in certain projects or activities now. Or that other people don't seem as interested or want to participate in relationships and ventures, etc. -- well, that's a fourth quarter moon. No use trying to force things along. Hold still a little while longer, a new moon is coming in a few days!


Nat Palaskas said...

Converting a bedroom into sewing space would be nice and sad at the same time, but if she is not using anymore, you will enjoy it. I love that curtain fabric! Very chick! So is green goes with crescent moonday?

Thanks for sharing a great moon post. I love reading about them - Hugs Nat

handstories said...

those waning moon stones are grand, especially on the beautiful sttiched green. our dining room is a similar purple, I think you get to make up your own color rules-I'm not a purple person, but it's soothing to me, especially in the afternoon light.

Peggy said...

Nat, yes, it's a great space so I am enjoying it even though it's not completely changed over to a sewing room yet. Thanks about the curtain fabric, it's very retro which is good because we live in a retro house! ;)

Peggy said...

Thanks, Cindy -- I needed to be reminded that as long as I like it, it doesn't really matter! I would adore this color in a main living space like you have. :)

deanna7trees said...

purple is beautiful with the curtain you have hanging. purple and green is another combination i just love. and that green cowl is just my favorite of all the greens.

Nancy said...

Your green cowl is just the best :) Well, and the moons of rock, they're the best too. And picking the same cards X 2...I love when that stuff happens and your take on it's meaning. And the purple, well...why not?!! And your arrangement including Great Aunt Aggie's crochet...beautiful.