Friday, September 27, 2013

simple things

There's been a change of plan for the September moon cloth. Sometimes I just need things to be black and white, and that fits perfectly with the September vibe. It feels good to realize how complicated I was making things for myself, not just the moon cloth, lots of things.

We've had an explosion of beautiful green moss on our flagstone patio. It's a rarity around here and I find myself going outside just to look at it. I'm starting to get the houseplants repotted and re-situated -- a most satisfying task today because it's cold and dark and drizzly outside. The amaryllis plants are up next if I can round up enough pots -- they reproduce like crazy, don't they?

We're about out of unpetroleum jelly in the tube from the store so thought I'd make up a batch of the homemade kind. It's the only thing I use for chapped lips and chapped skin -- healing, soothing, and pure -- 4 ounces of organic olive oil and 1/2 ounce beeswax (by weight) warmed together until liquid, then poured into any kind of container, place lid on when it's cooled enough to set. I wanted mine plain so didn't add any essential oils or other oils, but that is an option. If it comes out too thin or thick, it can be rewarmed and the necessary ingredient added -- too thin, add beeswax -- and too thick, add more olive oil.

I really love this sweet medicine bag -- woven, filled, and given to me by Nancy -- some of my little feathers came together with one of hers to hang on the side.  The sewing room is dark today but feathers and fur (fake) both glow in the dark -- a good place to be.

Thanks for visiting and happy weekending doing all things you love. xxo


Nanette said...

Love the peek into your sewing room, I have neatness envy! Black and white moon cloth is startlingly perfect. Happy weekending to you Peggy.

helen said...

Oh! that vibrant....I understand completely about going out to look all the time :~))

Thank you so for the unpetrolium jelly recipe....I think that will get made by the winter....and yours looks so good.

I love, love, love Nancy's beautiful medicine bag, and your pin board full of your gorgeous work.

Happy week~ending Peggy x x x

Jeannie said...

Don't you just love the green-ness of the moss? I remember my Dad fighting moss in Seattle. It grew on everything you didn't want it to grow on/in. Here, it is cultivated and cherished. What a beautiful medicine bag from Nancy. Truly a treasure. I love black and white together. They act as such a good background for anything the needle and thread wants to do. I didn't know you could make petroleum jelly!!! A must try, especially since the weather has changed. It is gray and dreary here, too. Wishing you a beautiful weekend in your sewing space. xoxo

deanna7trees said...

i'm always drawn to black and white. the only place moss develops here is near the a/c drain outside...and i love it. we are getting some rain today and it feels wonderful.

Nancy said...

The September moon is so stark...and stunning. But, that moss...oh my!! I like seeing the medicine bag in your world. The feathers flying adds a nice touch :) And the are so clever!

handstories said...

I like that the moon and tree are from the same cloth- a moon tree or a tree moon. Our yard is half moss half grass, which makes K crazy, but I love it. There is a moss garden in a nearby reserve that I find so magical.

Peggy said...

Thank you, Nanette, Helen, Jeannie, Deanna, Nancy and Cindy! We all love moss, how about that? :)))
Somehow, I'm not surprised.