Friday, September 6, 2013

earthing and stitching

Despite my self-imposed deadline to complete each little full moon cloth before the following new moon -- which I've already missed -- I'm still stitching away on this one. Yesterday, on the new moon, I spread out a blanket on the grass in a shady area and spent some Earthing time working on it until I ran out of thread. Then I lay down and watched the sky. Until the timer went off to leave to stand vigil downtown with Women in Black. Normally, I just walk around outside bare-footed to get an Earth-fix, but the blanket idea is nicer. 

That's red clover infusion up there. I try not to miss a day without a pot of mineral-rich herbal infusion -- rotating tonic herbs like dried red clover, nettle, and oatstraw for my infusions, either bought in bulk or homegrown. When I stray from this routine, I feel it in my energy level, my mood, even my sleep. To make medicinal-strength herbal infusion like this, place one cup of dried herbs into a French-press pot or jar, fill the pot with boiling water, cover and infuse for at least 4 hours, then strain. Drink within a day or so and if it goes beyond, water plants with it. 

Do you know the color indigo green? It comes from reusing your already-processed indigo leaves -- you take those used-up leaves that just gave you indigo blues, add water to cover, boil them to death for an hour, and leave it all to rest for a day. The next day add a teaspoon of alum along with some silk, let sit for another day or so and voilĂ , indigo green.

I've mentioned Earthing before. It is a means of connecting and grounding one's self with the healing power of the Earth. The Earth -- being a kind of battery for us when we physically connect, without sidewalks, shoes, etc. between us -- charges us with electrons that intercept free radicals and reduce inflammation throughout our bodies, among other things. Earthing is sort of like curling up with your mother to feel better -- remember that feeling? Below is a great positive introductory video and another good one is here.

Thanks for visiting and happy weekending and maybe Earthing, too! xo


Sandi Meegan said...

LOVE the earthing video and this Dr's website! Thank you so much for sharing!

Nanette said...

Timely about the herbal infusions Peggy, I bought some dried nettle today after reading an article in our community newspaper. I wasn't sure the best way to prepare, so thanks for explaining. I found it quite hard to drink, and ended up diluting again with more hot water, and still couldn't drink it all, without feeling it might not stay down! A couple of it an acquired taste do you think? How much would you drink each time, and do you heat it again each time? Do you use any honey in yours, or mix with other herbs...peppermint maybe or chamomile? I'd like to get used to it, and drink it...and other herbs... regularly, but I'd like to find it more palatable....thanks.

Judy said...

ah ha, that's my problem: I missed the earthing!! Is it too late for me???? LOL


Peggy said...

Hi Sandi -- I'm so glad you liked it!

Nanette! I like a good synchronicity now & then. ;) It took me a while to like nettle, too. For years, I had to warm it up before I could get it down. Other infusions like oatstraw, red clover, comfrey, I could drink cold or hot. Now I can drink it either way. Jazz it up with salt, tamari, honey or dump it into soup, you can do whatever you'd like. Blending with other herbs is also nice, try half nettle & half oatstraw. Oatstraw is the mildest of the herbal tonics, I think. A touch of peppermint with the nettle & oatstraw is a nice blend. Just a little bit though because peppermint gets bitter very easily. Hope this helps.

Judy, it's never too late for earthing. The more I learn about it, the more it makes sense. :)

Chris Parmentier said...

I love the term "earthing," and immediately went outside (on a gloriously mild, sunny day here) with a blanket to lie on the ground and experience Her healing, as I once did quite often. . . Thanks for this lovely reminder, Peggy. I took a nap with both dogs out there!

Peggy said...

Hi Chris, sounds wonderful -- to actually fall asleep is just the best!

karen said...

what a refreshing post Peggy....beautiful flowers and lovely stitching. Thank so much for stopping by my place too.....I really appreciate it. Karen

Nanette said...

Very helpful thanks Peggy. Good to hear you took a while to get used to it. I thought I'll just take it slowly and not push myself to drink it, so it's helpful to hear I can add it to soup etc. I've just made my 2nd batch, with the leftovers from the first going on the garden, as you suggested.

Thanks, Wise Woman :)