Thursday, July 18, 2013

polka-dot pincushion

Flower love. 

Today I made a skinny little pincushion that ties onto my sewing machine, based on this. I'm a pin-ner so it seemed like a pretty good idea. The fabric is a polka dot scrap and the ties are cloth handles from Anthropologie bags.  The 1974 Viking sewing machine was a gift from my parents when I was 21. They gave one to each of us girls in the family but I think I'm the only one to still have mine. It's been taken apart and reassembled twice, that's how much I love it. The first time it was dismantled, the repairman kept procrastinating putting it back together. I called every week, a few months went by. Finally my husband went to the shop and sat down and said he would wait. And the guy put it back together again right then and there. I found a new place to take it after that.

Thanks for visiting. And have some very happy weekending. xx


  1. Those roses are gorgeous!!
    What a clever idea of a pin cushion! My sewing machine sits on a towel (because it sits on a vintage enamel top table) I just put my pins into that :)
    Love seeing a heap of scraps...the colors dancing nice.

  2. Grand idea, but I tend to be impatient with pins and pile them in a dish instead, and then dump them back into their lidded box when I'm done.

    I just gave away my old White sewing machine I'd had since the late-70s, and I'm not particularly happy with my new Singer Confidence machine, but this may take some patience, too----like reading the manual! Ugh. ;-)

    I can smell those roses from here. . .

  3. gorgeous roses. thanks for that pincushion idea. they will make great gifts.

  4. Love your pin cushion idea. I use lots of pins when I sew.
    I also had that same sewing machine. I loved it and gave it to my daughter when I bought a new one. That machine is so heavy not full of plastic like the new ones.

  5. Thanks, everyone! Hey, I love envisioning your sewing machines, where they sit, old or new. We should have more photos of sewing machines. How about it? Sort of like pets or cars. You've seen mine. :)

  6. clever and cute.

    love the viking. love that you still have it.