Monday, May 6, 2013

part 2: dandelion bookcloth


The dandelion bookcloth is finished, simple and sweet, fun to make. I've been arranging and re-arranging stones and seashells on my altar and have begun a small new knitting project. A goddess is being formed, there's a stone in her head for the photo but she'll more likely be shaped with herbs, small stones and wool. I think she already has a name but it's probably too early to say it.

Today is a waning moonday in the sign of fiery Aries. Aries has a get-back-to-business kind of energy about it which quite suits a Monday, don't you think? And because Aries energy is strong and assertive, now is also a good time to initiate much-needed changes. Beware, impatience lurks.

Aries affects the head and face, to the nose. If there is a tendency toward headaches, we need to take it easy and not get too carried away with things. Even though we might think we can do it all.

Getting back to things. A beautiful week to you!


Ms. said...

So pretty to visit here...and, by the way...I had trouble with that last post over at my blog and had to abort Manhattan Massachusetts, but fixed the problem and added some more pictures and posted it as 'A Week Away' for the moon indeed "impatience is lurking" and changes are in progress :-)

Nat Palaskas said...

Just came over and say hi. Love that dandelion bookcloth. Also thanks for the dandelion detox recipe earlier as well. I haven't found any dandelion to try it yet - Have a good day - Hugs

Anonymous said...

a sweet page marker!
and your last post-snow! unbelievable, I'm in shorts and barefeet.

Peggy said...

Thanks, Michelle, I loved your week away!

Hi Nat! Glad you came by and hope you find some nice dandelion greens!

Thanks, Cindy. Yeah, we'd have nice days in the 60's & 70's only to be followed by snowstorms over and over all through the month of April. Rain and snow in the foothills and mountains today and tomorrow, but much nicer here in Denver. I really want some warm weather!

Nancy said...

The little flower...the sweetness of spring. I like the lace you added.
The stones & shells are so pretty. And I will watch her come into being.
I'm an's easy to get carried away...which can give one a headache! :)

Judy said...

As always, a beautiful post!
While we were walking in the woods last week, I was captivated by dandelion's simple beauty. Seems silly, doesn't it....but not really! I'm glad you like them too!


Cindy said...

Beautiful book cloth. I might have to make something like that.

mybloomnart said...

The book cloth you made is so pretty! Thank you for all the inspiring photos and words you leave. And for your positive vibs : )

Wishing you a beautiful week too!!

Deb G said...

So sweet! Looks like your garden is beginning even if there is snow...

Peggy said...

Hi Everyone, thank you for your most kind and positive messages here! I read them but forgot to respond....xo