Tuesday, January 1, 2013

favorite day

It's been cold here. I've been wearing my 70's-style crocheted cowl every time I go somewhere and even around the house occasionally. So I decided to start knitting another one last night -- the GAP-tastic cowl -- basically 131 stitches seed-stitched for 15". After knitting some rounds in semi-darkness, I counted 130 stitches. This morning I looked at it thinking I had to take it out and start over. I mean who would continue knitting seed stitch with the first few rows bad, and more telling, what kind of person would do that on New Year's Day, when you set the tone for the coming year. Plus I would always know it was there. Would it be a foreboding omen for the year? And then I said ha to myself and left it.

Stitching on the house with an eye brings me back to cloth. Feels sort of like a homecoming, it's been so long.

This might very well be my favorite day of the year because I give myself permission to do what I feel like doing rather than what I feel like I should be doing. I hope you can do the same. Happy New Year. xx


Jacky said...

Happy New Year Peggy...and welcome home! Your little eye / house cloth is beautiful. I especially love the addition of the calendar piece.
The 70's cowl is beautiful. I might knit myself one this winter. I havent knitted on circular needles though...but that sounds perfect for a cowl.

Glad the day is one of your favourites in the calendar year. Positive note to start 2013.

Health and Happiness to you Peggy.

Jacky xox

Trish said...

I do the same...
Happy new year lovely Peggy.x

deanna7trees said...

love your knitting. i would just increase a stitch and make it work.

Nancy said...

Yay...here is your newest post!! I was waiting to greet the new year with you :)
I have been thinking a lot of cowls and how much I like the idea of them, although I do not own one! Mine would be of super soft alpaca or flannel or something (not wool which I am allergic to or scratchy acrylic yarn!) I like the idea that they can't slip around and fall off! Love your little house looking forward to 2013 and makes me wonder if you will do the FullMoonArt again this year? I would like to try to be more involved than last year. I respect your in-tune-ness to the seasons/moon!
I am really really glad you posted so I could say Happy New Year!!! May it be filled with calm and goodness my friend!

Anonymous said...

I really like your little calendar.

Did you do the background cloth?

Very pretty.

May I ask what you use to print/stamp the calendar?
I just broke down and bought some little alphabet stamps at JoAnn's for personalizing a little cloth gift for a friend. Not quite as small or the right type style, but I wasn't sure how to print on the cloth from my Epson.

Anyway, I always enjoy your posts.

Have a happy and successful 2013.

Jeannie said...

Happy New Year!!! I love the house that sees all. I was knitting scarves for Christmas with a ribbon netted thread, it drove me nuts! I would end up with to many stitchs or one too short. Because they were ruffly it didn't matter too much and only I know the errors are there (and now you, too). The gift of a day to yourself is a precious gift. Mine is scheduled for this Thursday - no shopping, cooking, cleaning - just me with whatever strikes my fancy. :)
Wishing you a beautiful start to 2013 and may it continue throughout the year. xoxo

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

After shopping, cooking, decorating and entertaining for the holidays, New Years day is all mine also, I started by watching the Rose parade then into the quilt studio for inspiration for the coming year. After that I curled up in my chair by the fire and stitched on my wool quilt.
I too would have probably taken out the cowl scarf, not that I know if you really need too. Have a wonderful New Year! Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

happy new year of moons to you! i had the same feelings about my new year's day-whatever i felt like doing/not doing was done or not! love that eye- thinking of home keeping an eye on everything. & glad you didn't rip out your knitting...could you just add a stitch in?

Peggy said...

Jacky, thanks so much and the same to you. Sewing definitely feels good again. I think I ran out of oomph from staring at my larger cloth on the design wall too much. For knitting your cowl, go to youtube, Jacky, I watched a video about 4 times to crochet this one!

Trish, and happy new year to you! :)

Deanna, thank you -- and that's exactly what I did!

Peggy said...

Hi Nancy, yes, you're right about a cowl, they can't fall off and if they slip to one side, it looks sort of cool. I'm glad to begin the new year with such a wonderful wish from my friend. :)

And, yes, on full moon art again, too. Definitely. I'd love you to join in -- I think I'm going to work with cloth mostly but maybe knitting, too...hey, anything goes.

Peggy said...

Hello Anonymous and thank you! The background cloth is a batik scrap and the calendar cloth is from an old linen calendar/dishcloth. I've tried to print on cloth in my Epson and didn't have a very good outcome -- it kept splotching globs of ink on the cloth, over and over. I've read that it works in some printers, just not in mine! And a very happy new year to you, too....:)

Peggy said...

Hi Jeannie, well today is Thursday! I hope you had a wonderful day enjoying all the things you love to do. A gift it is and you deserve it, and many more. :) Thanks about the house and happy new year to you, too.

Peggy said...

Kathy, your day sounds so nice. Especially the curling up in the chair by the fire....I know, I'm usually the type who tears out my knitting and stitching over and over and over until it's right. This was me being really, really wild. ;)

Peggy said...

Cindy, happy new year of moons to you, too! I'm thinking I'm going to have a house thing now for a while. There are just so many possibilities, you know?

I did just increase one stitch -- I can't believe I made such a big deal over it but it's just not how I usually roll. :)