Monday, November 26, 2012

glittery moonday

On the kitchen counter tops this morning -- banner-making on one side and kefir-making on the other -- glitter everywhere. The baby's shoes were left behind last week. I'm not a scrapbooker but find papercraft to be relaxing, almost meditative -- placing shapes and letters and colors this way and that. Not to mention the beautiful papers, old and new. Haven't picked a word yet so I don't know exactly how long we'll be eating glitter.

This is a new batch of kefir. I've tried making it before but something went awry and it didn't turn out right. Fermented foods are good for us but a person can only eat so much sauerkraut.

Today is a waxing moonday in Taurus. Slow and steady we go, sinking roots every step of the way. Whatever is begun under the sign of Taurus tends to be long-lasting so this is a good time to plant seeds or begin new habits or even start up a new batch of fermented foods. Other key words for Taurus -- patient, creative, stable, practical, and obstinate.

The jaw and neck areas including the teeth, ears, voice, and thyroid gland respond to the influence of a Taurus moon. That means we should remember to avoid activities that might stress those parts or if a problem already exists, the healing response may be strengthened.

Our next full moon occurs mid-week -- I'll be making some full-moon art and I'd love you to join me and share your art, too -- stitching, painting, writing, photographs, etc. Just leave a link in the full-moon art post or email me a file for the drawing down the moon page.

Have a nice week. It's a cold, dark day here, just right for slow and steady.


  1. festive bits and pieces. I confess--I love glittery letters!

  2. It's cold and dark here too today (after brilliant sunshine and warmth yesterday). Heavy rain, thunder and lightning...November rain.

    Enjoyed your moonday for Taurus (being a Taurean myself...I see I have a lot of those traits).

    Have fun with your glittery letters. Quite meditative playing with them Peggy.

    Jacky xox

  3. i have a secret crush on glitter. your creations are so pretty.