Monday, November 14, 2011

red root moonday

Starting to stitch red roots . . . thinking about sinking into my own roots and wondering how deep I can go.

Today is a waning moonday in Cancer. I'm definitely feeling the Cancer vibe of wanting to stay home and nest and cook -- right here is where I'm rooted. In the same way that a perennial plant's energy sinks from its aerial parts into its roots in the fall, we too get the urge to sink deep into our roots. Especially under a Cancer moon. And like the plants, we need strong deep roots for survival, stability, and future growth.

Cancer is a watery sign that sometimes carries hidden emotions up to the surface, surprising even ourselves, they've been so well-hidden. We come clean whether we plan on it or not! The body parts affected by the sign of Cancer are the stomach, liver and gall bladder, chest and lungs. I'm envisioning these organs that assimilate nourishment as components of the main root system within our bodies, deserving the same care and attention we give to our aerial parts -- our outer appearance. It's interesting that many medicinal herbs used for conditions of these same body organs are roots -- angelica, dandelion, yellow dock, burdock, gentian, elecampane, ginger, and valerian.

Roots. I guess you could say there's a lot going on beneath the surface.


Nancy said...

Beautiful red roots! You are such a wealth of information!

woman with wings said...

Thanks, Nancy. So are you! I forgot to tell you that my women's spirituality circle read your "We Remember Them" chant at our last ritual in honor of our loved ones who've passed. Thank you again.

Marie said...

Definitely a time of revelations.
I have wanted to stay close to home and the thought of winter setting in only makes me feel that more so.
I want more warm food and teas.
The red roots are perfect!

Nancy said...

Peggy- thank you so much for letting me know that. I'm so touched.