Monday, May 9, 2011

time = life moonday

Lately I've been noticing how I refer to time and how stressful it is to not have enough as a result of choices made. So I've been perusing a favorite book, Slow Time, by Waverly Fitzgerald. Just reading a book with such a title makes me feel better about myself. I am busy. Everyone I know is busy. We all refer to time as if it's a precious resource. Which it is.

One of the many exercises in Slow Time is to substitute the word time with life. It's powerful enough to make the busiest person take pause. Do I have enough life for this? Is there any life left? Springlife, summerlife. What life is it? Work life, play life. Life is running out. Life flies when you're having fun. Life constraints. Things take life. Life heals all wounds. Life will tell.

I've been spending a little bit of my life appliqueing moons onto squares to be used for some sun*moon*stars*whispering. I've learned some things in only a few minutes. Basting is good. Linen is easier to needle-turn.  Following a line saves life.

On this waxing moonday, our Cancer moon moved into the sign of Leo, with the day quality changing from cool and moist to hot and dry. The Leo moon energizes us to hit the ground running just as we begin a new week. We venture out with confidence, ready to shine, after nesting these last few days under the sign of Cancer. I am glad to give my inner self a little rest and move outward with Leo's help.

Leo rules the heart and circulation, the back and the diaphragm. It has a stimulating effect on the body, as in the personality, so we do ourselves well to avoid overdoing it, on top of it all. Replacing stimulants like coffee and black tea with herbal teas would most definitely be beneficial today. Chamomile, lemon balm, and hibiscus all have a calming effect with hibiscus actually lowering blood pressure for a time. If you find yourself over-excited, try this heart-connecting breathwork: After finding your pulse, begin to breathe along with your heartbeat by inhaling for six beats, holding for three beats, exhaling for six beats and holding again for three beats. Repeat until it becomes easy and then slow your breath even more until you are totally relaxed. This helps me when I have trouble sleeping, too.

I'm going to enjoy some life in the garden now and I hope you have life to do what you want, too!


  1. I love it Peggy, TIME is LIFE - thanks for the thought - Hugs Nat

  2. Hi Nat -- thank you and you're welcome, both! xo

  3. I have been experiencing incredible stress over time, etc.
    Thank you for sharing the breathing exercise. Will have to remember that in those stressful moments.
    Love M-o-o-n-s!

  4. What a great idea that is, time=life, and true. It really is a matter of how we want to spend our life.

  5. my goodness this book you are reading
    is so "right" on. i am going to try the
    "life" substitution today!
    may is such a busy time for me. I love what
    i do but i think i need to move a bit
    slower to enjoy the moment(s).
    love your many moons, too!
    there is a children's book (a classic)
    called, many moons.
    gratefully, me.

  6. I also like this way of thinking -- and was very Leo today as I fretted and worked hard on a big project that must be mostly complete before I come to Denver next week. Thanks to the Leo life energy for keeping me going!

  7. Marie, same here -- I don't know what's going on other than that thing about time speeding up. The breathing technique is pretty wonderful if a person can remember to actually do it instead of going into a real panic! Love making moons . . .

  8. Deb, and there's the word lifetime which fits in there somehow, too. A powerful word. Sounds way too short!

  9. Cristina, it does sort of create a shift when thinking about time in that way, doesn't it? I'm going to check out that book and come to think of it, some of the books we still have on our shelves (maybe we even have it!) -- there was one about a walk every month under the full moon -- probably some good illustrations to inspire cloth moonwork. Thanks for the idea!

  10. Jo, oh yeah, draw on the lion's strength and power when you can! It was such a Leo day yesterday and today yet, too. You'll get it done by the full moon!

  11. Breathing! moons! Life!

  12. Shishi, yes! Three of my favorite things, right there!