Monday, May 2, 2011

loop de loop moonday

I heard a little voice again. It said wrap them together with loop de loop.

Did you know that the little voice is actually the anterior cingulate cortex, according to white-coated authorities at Carnegie-Mellon University? It's believed that if you're receptive to it, it's as good as having a guardian angel. (Pronoia by Rob Brezsny).

Yup, it said to loop de loop*.

This moonday is a dark moon in the sign of Taurus, a day of completion in the current moon cycle. (The next new moon occurs late tonight or early tomorrow, depending on location.) A dark moon is an intuitive time well-suited to do the last bit of inner work required to truly clear and release. On these last days of a waning moon, I sometimes get too antsy for the next new moon, my thoughts racing about what my future intentions will be, what seeds will I plant, what new things lie ahead in my life, etc. Thankfully, as an Earth sign, Taurus has a balancing effect as it helps us to be patient, more grounded and to move more slowly.

Taurus rules the lower face to the throat and neck including the ears, teeth, jaws, vocal chords, and thyroid gland. Stress to these areas may be pronounced while at the same time, dis-ease in them may be well-treated. Protect the neck and ears today if there's even a touch of chill in the air as Taurus always feels a little cooler than its actual temperature. That certainly rings true for me -- on this Spring day, May 2, and almost 50 degrees outside, it still feels frigid.

Some correlations with these body parts: Teeth are associated with making decisions, ears are hearing the truth, the thyroid is satisfying self and others, and the throat is self-expression. I once knew someone who lost her voice "for no reason" when her mother (whom she had issues with) visited. Now I wonder if the visits landed on Taurus days on top of it all!

*loop de loop: a term coined by handstories.


  1. great job. that loop circling the heart makes it somewhat 3 dimensional. love it.

  2. Thanks, Deanna . . . now the heart needs more stitching/quilting, it's so poofy!

  3. Your loop de loop is the perfect addition, lots of movement and it looks anticipatory somehow, and how wonderful your anterior cingulate cortex whispered it to you. Mine told me recently to paint a nasty dark hall table eau de nil...I'd never heard of this colour, but a trip to the paint store revealed it existed, and it was the perfect colour. I prefer to think it's my guardian angel :)

  4. Nanette, thank you -- I love your observation that it looks anticipatory because that's just what I was going for... and I know what you mean about the guardian angel! eau de nil -- now what color is that? Sounds cool and also wonderful that you listened. Yay!

  5. It's the prettiest shade of green, they call it a heritage colour, so it goes perfectly in my 1900s house.

  6. I try to listen to that "still small voice"too! Love your loop de loop and the way it connects all the elements.
    beautiful <3

  7. Thank you, Marie! Sometimes, it's just a whisper . . .

  8. love the loop de loop movement...clever diea.
    I keep trying to put the moons phases on my blog but no matter what i do it tells me the link is wrong......yet i simply copy the link it suggsts we use.....
    can I ask how you managed to get yours in position please?
    A frustrated moon follower lol !

  9. Thank you, Lyn -- you know it's been so long I don't remember if it was tricky to get it set up on the blog. BUT sometimes there's an http already in the box and you need to get rid of it before you paste something in there. That's happened to me a lot. Hope it works. Let me know and I'll take another look, too.

  10. your wrapped up heart is swell! love how this turned out, a loop-de-loop thread hug. looking forward the rest of the cloth. thanks for the mention. just beginning to catch up on a week's worth of SEW...

  11. Thank you, Cindy! Love de loop-de-loop! I think it should be an official embroidery term, don't you?