Tuesday, May 10, 2011

gardening goals

I write my lists in a blue notebook. Idea and want-to-do lists, mostly -- for gardening, sewing, knitting, decorating -- but also gems gleaned from various programs, speakers, classes, and gardens I visit. 

This is my list of gardening goals from last year.  By eat in the garden & from I meant to pick a meal -- cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes or whatever and eat them on the spot, seconds off the plants, unwashed, as is. It's quite an amazing experience to do that for your lunch. Anyway, this list seems very zen to me now. I accomplished three of the four, I failed on save seeds.

This is page one of this year's. I hope I'm not setting myself up for failure here. It looks the opposite of zen, more survivalist.  

Yesterday, I saw that my favorite pen was on final close-out or words to that effect (Jaws music here). I bought the last ten packages at half price, that is the only good part.  I tell you this in case it's your favorite pen, too, but don't go to the King Soopers on Colorado Boulevard in Denver because they're all gone.

Do you have a favorite pen? I'm looking for one.


  1. What lovely ideas in your "Zen" list.
    Yesterday while explaining my challenges in life to my dear friend of 35 years, she asked me, "What are your dreams?" I could not answer...so I need to get out my little idea book again too! I am thanking both of you
    for the reminder <3
    What do you use that pen for and why do you like it?

  2. Hi Marie! I'm glad that you've been reminded of something to do for yourself. Writing things down has power, I think it helps bring about change. I use that wonderful smooth, flowing, easy-to-write-with pen for any/all handwriting needs, in my purse, on the desk, in the kitchen drawer, bedside, etc. -- early every morning I write three pages (The Artisan's Way), an addictive practice, I warn you -- and you go through a lot of pens!

  3. I love your list, although it is rather daunting. For one, I don't have enough space in my garden for all of that. I really need to do something about that but with a sprinkler system in place I hate to go about digging and moving the pipes.
    As for the pens I first thought that maybe just Kings is discontinuing them but after a quick google search I see they're going for a ridiculously high price on Amazon. I'll check my nearby store and see if they have any. Do you want me to get you some more if they still have them?

  4. Kathy, oh wow. If enough people are after them, maybe there's hope that they won't discontinue them. Yes, thanks--I'd get another 10 packages, if I could! Or you could buy them and sell them on e-bay. Ha!

  5. I've made it through the last two winters just having what I've grown or bought at the farmer's market (peppers!) by doing the same thing...thinking about how much of something that I eat each month. Well, except oranges and avocados. Those are my treat fruits, but they have to come from California.