Tuesday, May 3, 2011

filling the nest

Today is the new moon in taurus so I'm beginning to think about my new moon intentions. But still only thinking about them because I've realized the moon is actually void-of-course all day today. A wiser woman than I on these matters, Jan Spiller, astrologer and author of New Moon Astrology, recommends waiting until the void-of-course period has ended. So sometime after 12:09 PM MST tomorrow, I'll write wishes on the snippets of ribbons placed in this nest-like basket.

Today I will do some birdwatching as I work in the garden. (Working and building in the garden are good Taurus activities, by the way.) A chickadee couple is nesting in this little birdhouse hanging at the edge of our patio. It had previously been occupied by a pair of house wrens and I was really hoping they'd return. But Mr. and Mrs. Chickadee moved in instead and we're pretty happy to have them, as well. This is the time of year we look out the window at what seems to be a Disney movie with all the birds swooping in and out, gathering nesting material, feeding, drinking, singing and playing. It's the best.


  1. My silver bowl is empty, and waiting. But I didn't feel like beginning to fill it, because of my own bird experience this morning. We have a duck that seem to want to nest in the flower garden by the (rarely used) front door.... and this morning when I stepped outside there were broken empty eggs and little racoon paw prints on the front walk. The sadness of an empty nest made it hard for me to fill my moon bowl, as it seemed to say that sometimes you have to sit with emptiness. However, the mama duck came back later and dragged away the broken shells, ate one!, so I just now looked where she'd been sitting - she wasn't there but several eggs still were! Will she come back to nest? Will they survive the racoon? Hope and Trust.....

  2. Jo, oh I hope mama duck comes back. But then maybe it's not the best place to be raising her family. It will be interesting to see what she decides.
    I think you couldn't fill your bowl because of this experience -- as you say, sitting with the emptiness, and also because it wasn't yet time!

  3. This morning when I awoke before daylight I could hear the voice of the sweetest fat-bellied bird making the most beautiful song. It seemed it wanted to be the loudest bird of all singing in the new day...precious.

  4. Oh Marie, I love how you say "wanted to be the loudest bird of all singing in the new day" -- I wish I was that happy about waking up every single morning! Sometimes when the housefinches are singing before they go to bed, they're loud like that, too, and it's very relaxing to listen to them, almost the opposite effect of morning.