Friday, March 30, 2018

the language of spring

Well, it's been another little while, hasn't it? 

I like to add as many wild ingredients as possible into everyday food prep. The snow has melted (once again) so I walked the garden this crisp spring morning to see what would be good in scrambled eggs. I found yellow dock, chives, dandelion and violets -- everything looked clean enough so no washing...I don't usually wash wild/garden food unless it is absolutely necessary.

Something new around here is an old-time practice -- cooking with cast iron cookware. Currently I have three pans -- one is newish and two are from thrift shopping and appear to be very old. I like using cast iron for the usual reasons but one benefit I haven't seen mentioned is that it is so heavy that maneuvering a big frying pan is like lifting weights. I'm all for life exercise like that.

An egg-spell practice. It will be buried on the dark moon and a pansy planted over it.

Some wild honeybees moved here. The colony had lived for many years in a neighbor's tree. When the tree died, our neighbors had the tree removal experts cut out a 7-8' section and cart it over to our back yard. It was estimated that the hive area itself is several feet in height within that middle section. 

The bees seem content and we are thrilled and grateful to be part of such a unique endeavor. Plus this satisfies my secret fantasy to live inside a tree. I can imagine the hollow space of this tree divided by walls of honeycomb -- over here is the nursery and there is the capped honey area, up there is the nectar room, the drones are out back, the queen in the center of it all. It must be so warm and cozy with just the perfect level of humidity. The chanting of bees....zzzz....the fragrance...heaven.

A Rikke hat was finished -- it is a slouch hat and was fun to make, garter stitch on circular needles so there's still purling involved. I worked on this during wedding planning in December and January and finally got it blocked last month.

Holy smoke. Dried plant materials, having served their purpose, burned outside in the cauldron on a cold day. Ashes placed in the garden. Burning things takes me somewhere otherworldly.

A headband knitted in seed stitch. The last time I shopped for yarn with a friend, we decided I pick the same color every time. And she does too. Maybe everybody does.

A mossy altar was good medicine for the cold and dark months. 

I've been intentionally focused on resting over the last few months. No garden plans have been made, no seeds ordered, no new projects begun, no clothing bought or made to speak of. Like that. Now, though, I am feeling creative stirrings and the desire for clarity. Beginning to learn to listen to the language of spring and receive the messages sent by the element of air. Thinking about my inner and outer spring cleaning and taking the winds of change idea through to completion. What boons do I request. What are my visions and dreams and their meaning. Am I looking for signs and symbols, they are everywhere if only I notice. Are my grandmothers whispering to me, am I listening. What plants call to me and what dyes, medicines and meals might they offer. I hope that by learning the language and lessons of spring, I will better hear the messages of summer, fall and winter. 

I have never in all my life approached spring in quite this way. And so it goes, 'round and 'round. 
Happy Spring. xx 


Ms. said...

Seems to me dear Peggy, you have always heard and always listened. It's been a hard, hard Winter everywhere, but I feel Spring pushing through....the crust of it. Blessed BE

Tina Z said...

Beautiful post .. left me feeling like I just visited with an old and dear friend.

Joanne S said...

I have come here over the months you were away--waiting for your return.
I should have known you would wait for Spring. I learn so much here-from you.

Nancy said...

Yay! Here you on a Friday night :)
As usual, your photographic presentation brings such glory and calm into my life. I've not gotten used to the taste of 'flowers'...feel like I'm, well, eating a flower! And I try not to do extra heavy lifting if I don't have to, since I do have to at work! But oh how I appreciate the delicious pan photo!
And your egg ritual, again. You are my ritual queen. Your tree story reminded me of finding the old hive in a tree stump on a hike and thinking of you. It also had me wondering if you had also watched My Side of the Mountain growing up? Made me want to run away, live in a tree and have a bird of prey of my own! Maybe the beginnings of my Hawk love :) Here's to comfort colors, finishing things once started and the primal feel of fire to welcome in the Spring. xo

Laurie said...

Such a beautiful post. So many things to love. Happy Spring.

taiqi said...

So glad you are back posting. I have missed you. You always take us deeper into everything. Spring is coming later and colder this year where I live ( on an island in Puget Sound Wa.) A raven family has taken up nesting on our 5 acres and every day we hear the male ( we call him "Bother" making quite a racket. The daffodils are blooming and bird twittering. Spring is here.

Jeannie said...

What a beautiful post. When asked what is my favorite season, I usually reply that it is the season I am in, but truthfully, I love spring. There is such a sense of possibilities. Your post captures that feeling exactly - what path to take, listening to the voices that guide me, and the joy of making it through another winter. Be well, happy, and embrace joy. (I must admit envy of your bee tree. At first I thought you would carve a female totem and then I read the story. It doesn't need to be carved, it is already a totem!)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

how Beauty FULL....the bringing of the Hive, i feel like getting
their address, the tree people, and writing to them...that i heard about this and how rare, this care full honoring.....this just makes
me very very happy

Peggy said...

Michelle, thank you so much...this time of year has its own magic about it, for sure. We expose our worries to sunny days and fresh air and they disappear. Poof. Blessed Be you. (remember when you wrote that?)

Peggy said...

Hi Tina, thank you -- you just made me feel so good!

Peggy said...

Joanne, thank you for your kind words -- so glad you get it and gave me another look!

Peggy said...

Nancy, thank you so much -- I did not see that movie, I don't think...I do remember Swiss Family Robinson but the python did away with any kind of tropical living fantasies. Loved rereading your hiking post, I bet most honeybees would prefer tree/log homes over our alternatives.

Peggy said...

Hi Laurie, thank you so much!

Peggy said...

Hi Janet, oh I adore ravens and love knowing about your raven family -- I bet it does get really loud. I thank you and appreciate your kind words that support and encourage!

Peggy said...

Hi Jeannie, thank you so much -- I love that you're feeling the same vibe. I will always remember you planted the seed for "bee totem" because I'm going to be using it from now on. So good!

dulcy said...

Hello Friend! I'm sitting in bed, getting ready for sleep, and now I'm hungry for scrambled eggs! Really! Your posts always inspired me to no end..... It will be a cold and a possible icy Easter here tomorrow, but I'm all in with spring right now. No new garden plans for me as well. I'm letting things go a bit more wild than usual this year and looking forward to what transpires. I just love your photos Peggy! They are quite calming and beautiful.


Hazel said...

Those are the most beautiful eggs I have ever seen, I can only imagine how delicious they were.
Thank you, for when you do post new images and thinkings- they are always gifts for the soul.

Anonymous said...

I commented somewhere -- instagram? -- but wanted to chime in on how much your posts mean to me. What you model. How you inspire. And as always, the beauty of your photo captures.