Friday, May 26, 2017

may days

It is small but mighty...I love imagine peace so much. Pinned onto a small bag for now, it is one of the exquisite peace offerings created by Liz (I'm Going to Texas is her blog name) as part of a personal outreach practice...completely dyed and stitched by hand. I am honored to have it and know it was successfully imbued with the intention of peace because I can feel it when I hold it to my heart. Thank you, Liz. (Details on mine here.) 

A linen drum case is taking shape at last. The moons are made with home-dyed cotton and the bag itself is a large scrap of natural linen. The drum beater is rolled up in a vintage dresser scarf. The top of the bag will either be a drawstring or just bunched up and wrapped with a strip of cloth. I tinkered around with this quite a bit but in the end simple is best.

Slips of coleus and passion flower vine rooting in a glass of water...looks like a branch of May will be carried over into 2018 as it has lost top billing in the sewing room. 

The chive blossom vinegar from early May was strained, decanted and labeled. I looked up shades of pink online and found congo pink matched perfectly.

This is the strongest color I've seen in any of my chive flower vinegars. Maybe it was the weather.

Chive blossom mashed into softened butter, rolled and sliced. Good.

An easy before and after. Before.

After. Enjoyed it immensely, ironing's not so bad anymore. Liked the quiet-slow-and-steady of it all.

This last month of spring has been wild here in Denver, Colorado. There have been several nights below freezing with snowfall (3-12" depending on which storm) and one record-breaking hail storm. On the other hand, the random 70+ degree days we're having now are glorious and it is very green outside. 

Thank you, friends, for visiting and happy weekending. And imagine peace. xx

I want this: 
May the beauty of your life become more visible to you, that you may glimpse your wild divinity. 
                                                                                   Excerpt from A Blessing for Beauty by John O'Donohue


Liz A said...

What a wonderful post, from start to finish. I could swear I have that same dresser scarf. And ironing ... I used to iron handkerchiefs, napkins, and pillowcases for my mom. A good memory.

Peggy said...

Thanks, Liz...yes, ironing was a rite of passage, wasn't it? I remember how excited I was when the ironing was handed off to I got older it wasn't so fun anymore though!
There is something comforting about old and worn linens (which also need ironing) plus I just really want to find uses for my stash -- using new eyes when I can. Sort of my thing this year.

dulcy said...

Lovely lovely post! I may give the chive flower butter a whirl. Ironing is nice, slow, and meditative now (probably because I don't really have to do it anymore). Oh gosh.... we used to have to iron our gym suits each week or we would get demerits in high school. I think my mom did this chore for me most of the time. very pretty and sweet may stitched piece you're working on. I have my June piece hanging from the fireplace and look at it often.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your drum bag is beautiful,love the moons.
I'm making chive vinegar this weekend, going to try to achieve the same beautiful color using your choice of vinegars:) My chives are just coming into bloom.
Do you have a "moon phase" update for us for the full moon next week?

jude said...

beauty here as always.

Hazel said...

It is always a breath of fresh air here. That color of pink! & am in love with your moon cloth fabric.
Ironing pieces of cloth is meditative, shirts, on the other hand, not so much.

Peggy said...

Dulcy, thank you. Yes, the GYM SUIT! They were so not flattering -- which was the point, I'm sure. Probably as horrid to iron as to wear! :) Nice to read that about the June cloth!

Peggy said...

Kathy, thanks, really hoping to get on it and finish that drum case once and for all -- I need to focus, it's that Gemini moon that scatters me like crazy!
I hope you show how your chive vinegar comes out -- still haven't planted my garlic chives, heard they spread aggressively, is that true for you?
Might post again before Friday's full moon!

Peggy said...

Jude and Hazel, thank you both.

Jude, watched you finger press on video today -- so nice.

Hazel, agree that ironing cloth is much nicer than ironing clothing!

Anonymous said...

always refreshed by the beauty of color and texture here, and inspired by a life well and truly lived... but I have to laugh about this today: you have a drawer labeled 'fluff'?

Peggy said...

Hi Dee! The fluff drawer is for cottonwood tree seed-fluff! Which is just starting to fly now -- magical stuff floating like tiny clouds as it descends! :)

Nancy said...

Beautiful deep, rich colors in that green basket! Lovely, calm moons and I love the before and after pics...I have done one in so long :)

Nancy said...

Oh, I just love Cottonwood trees! They bring back such fond memories of my days in No. NV :)