Monday, December 28, 2015

pompom therapy

Yesterday I made a pillow for the front porch bench as part of my recovery from the first round of celebrating. I can't think of anything more cheerful than white pompom trim on red gingham. Unless it's light blue gingham. Or green. Actually, I can't think of a gingham color I don't like. I just wish it was 100% cotton instead of a cotton/polyester blend. But it's still good.

Rewind a week or so here...I was hanging strands of faux sugared berries, tinsel and pompoms to build up the SHINE banner but the white pompom garland just wasn't right. No bueno.

Tea-dyed pompoms. Bueno.

I like the scrunchy vintage look.

It's going to hang up there for a while, maybe until Spring Equinox. I need to be reminded to shine instead of -- well, not shining.

The cushions on the bench are covered with a furry throw, a cozy place to sit in the morning sun to watch the birds visit the feeders. And to just "be" outside which is one of my hopes for the new year -- to spend more time outdoors regardless of weather -- hell hot, wicked cold or in between.

Peanuts, bread, and seeds under the suet feeder -- the birds need energy to get through this cold snap we're having.

The back opening of the pillow with the selvage left as is because of that cool fraying.

Thank you for visiting me here. May the New Year be one of transformation with more love and peace on Planet Earth.

And now we welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been. --Rainer Maria Rilke


Jeannie said...

I love your pillow! It is festive anytime of year. What is it about gingham or polka dots? Childhood memories? I love them both. I am striving to be outdoors more, too. That is my happy place - outside in nature. Our climates are similar, but I do wish I could have spring and fall all year long sometimes. I watched the Towhee and Flickers in the bird pudding this morning and tried to teach the strays that squirrels are not toys. Not a lot of luck there. LOL! Wishing you a pompom covered New Year filled with joy and love.

Nancy said...

May you 'Shine' all year long Miss Peggy! You're right, there's something about is just so darn cheery! Enjoy your wintery days.

Ms. said...

Bright cheer dominates there. Here in NYC-sleety rain, and in New Mexico, Texas and more States-7-10 inches of serious snow. Contrast makes the world go round. Having spent Christmas mostly home nursing more bronchial distress, sending cards, eating treats sent from friends, I've hit the in-between, and have no lovely new year thoughts or slogans to share as yet. But there is a Zen meditation New Years eve and an all day chanting of the 40 verse Sanskrit 'Hanuman Chalisa' New Years day...that should brighten my mindscape. Meanwhile, BIG love to you and yours Dear Peggy.

deanna7trees said...

i also love any kind of gingham and prefer the cotton but your red gingham pillow is delightful with the pom poms and frayed edging. wishing you a magical new year.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Beautiful "shine" banner. We all need to remember to shine.
Have a wonderful New Year, I'll be "talking" to you.

liniecat said...

I'd happily come sit for a quiet time with you on that seat!
Did you make the pompoms yourself or are they purchased ones?
Happy New Year Peggy to you and yours and many happy moments and hours amongst your garden and creatures!

Els said...

Yeah : love the new tea colour of your ponpons ;-)

All the best for a happy, healthy and colourful 2016
(YES, lets hope for the best for our dear old Earth !)

handstories said...

Love your vintage cheer! Thank you for all of the color and care that you share here, Peggy. Happy new year to you & yours, ox.

Anonymous said...

visiting you here is always pure pleasure and uplift. I love checks, too (and polka dots!!) and ALSo hope to spend more time outside this year. Finn will make sure I do!

jude said...

happy new year!

Darlene Szabo said...

I love your Pom Pom idea. I recently put some on a bag I made and what a statement that made. But it's getting harder to find cotton ones. Your banner is very festive.. I would leave it up until there's a new rain storm that moves you.
Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Peggy said...

Thank you all, dear friends. I'm wishing you all a new year filled with magic. May we all flourish! xoxo