Tuesday, December 1, 2015

december 1


Quite a lot has happened. Our Thanksgiving crafting could be, depending on who you talk to, a more beloved tradition than the celebratory dinner. This year it was wintry dioramas in tiny tin boxes. Some left the lids on the boxes, others used the boxes alone. So much fun. 

Just saw the pin/magnet idea over on the Colette blog -- perfect for the little hand-painted plate and I'm always needing a place to park pins and needles. Pinned up on the board is some of the herbal cloth Kathy, the Woodland Quilter, (thank you, thank you) so generously sent -- I am crazy over the colors. 

I am on an avocado-on-sourdough-toast kick. It was still dark this morning so I fired up the angel chimes. Ting, ting, ting. I love me a candlelit breakfast. 

I plan to post one photo each day this month on Instagram. You can click here or on the sidebar. If you're already on Instagram, come visit me and I'll be able to visit you back. You don't need the phone app to view Instagram photos, it can be accessed with any internet-connected computer or other device.

The 4 Sprites!

Have a wonderful week. xo

P.S. The leaves up there are pressed/dried, then decorated with a white paint pen.


liniecat said...

Love, love those little tins!!
Delightful little miniatures : )

Peggy said...

Lyn, they're addictive, mind you! :)

Nancy said...

That treat sounds so yummy...wish I could eat it (but it would not agree with me - Booo). It sure does look like you had fun with the tins and I like the cloth colors too. My mama gave me a candle angel when my son was a baby...I lit it at this time of year for years. Mmmm...wonder where that went? Good memories are left, that's for sure.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your diorama's are wonderful! I can see how they would be addictive.
What a great family Thanksgiving tradition.

Jeannie said...

I love the mini shadow boxes. They look like so much fun and a fabulous tradition. I have a similar pin holder and now will add the magnets. I wonder if it will keep the kittens from knocking it over? LOL! Have a beautiful winter season in the land of snow. (We had our 2nd snowfall this morning. Only a couple of inches, but I got up a 3 am to watch the flakes in that odd light we get when it snows.) xo

Debbie said...

Love the little tins, things in tins and boxes really make me happy.

handstories said...

The dioramas are terrific, there are a few saved over here, I may copy your idea. I do love that angel chime…from way way back.

Anonymous said...

I've been saving Altoid tins for years... pure inspiration, here!