Tuesday, December 8, 2015

a knitted pear

It was unexpected, this little bit of knitting. Right in the middle of oh so many projects, a simple green pear in an ad excited and compelled me to knit up its likeness....immediately. The pear pattern by Linda Dawkins is free on Ravelry here, I used bits of leftover green and brown wool stuffed with more wool. There's just something about a pear.

Thanks to Homespun magazine for including my boro patched blue jeans in their modern mending feature. I'm Patch Project #10 up there. Homespun is a lovely Australian craft magazine full of unique projects, the paper is heavy enough that just paging through feels nice, like you've really got your hands on something. I found several things to put on my to-make list -- first up will be those woven patches under Patch Project #14.

I've been thinking about this season of Yule that both energizes and depletes me. Reflecting on gift-giving and gift-receiving. Asking myself if I continue to do the real work of so many family traditions out of love -- or for love. That is a question that can be put to good use any time in any situation, I think.

There will soon be a new moon full of possibilities (on Friday)....but join me now in the quiet darkness and let us take time to rest and restore ourselves.


Anonymous said...

ah, the rich and fertile dark... and yet here I am at a white screen because I wanted to see what you and others are up to... such value in that that I've cut short my announced break!

congrats on the article. that's really wonderful!

Chip Butter said...

I love your boro patched blue jeans. Congrats on making it into such a wonderful publication. I also want to make some of the woven patches. We already have some experience with this from Jude. And, yes, there is something about a pear! You may need more! :~)

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy - WomanWithWings : )
It's been a while since I've left a comment but have popped in when I need a smile and/or a pick-me-up : ) lots of stuff in the past few years, not so happy but we've (my sweet hubby and I) have survived them; loss of parents - his Dad my Mom has been difficult to say the least but it's part of life - right : )
Anyway, sorry, just wanted to say "hi", wish you well as always and glad you are still here sharing your beautiful self : )
Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )

handstories said...

How fun to see you in a magazine, congratulations. Your pear is a sweet symbol of the season. Peace to you, Peggy.

Peggy said...

Dee, thanks -- sometimes even a little time off is good. Makes me realize how much some of those internet connections really do enrich my life.

Mary, I just wish those jeans weren't so tight, I'd wear them more -- they aren't stretchy like most of the jeans sold today. Thanks about the article. :)

Peggy said...

Sandra, so glad to hear from you. It does sound like a lot has happened in your life, hope you have some smooth sailing now. I really appreciate your taking time to write. Blessings to you from me.

Peggy said...

Cindy, thank you. I haven't had a chance to knit up more pears but it was sheer bliss knitting up that one small simple shape. I wish you peace as well.

Nancy said...

Love the pear! It makes me think of the little birds Deanna made a while back (and was so kind to send me one)...I can't even begin to understand 3-D knitting! How exciting to see you in print my friend. Your boro is so worth sharing with the world. I can't wait to see the little circles you come up with.
This comment comes as we've moved even closer to the traditions, the giving & receiving and the light, but the considering is always remaining.