Thursday, June 11, 2015

viola seed bombs

We're way ahead of the game with all this rain, 10.21" of precipitation already -- our yearly average is only 14.30". In 2008, we had 10.23" the entire year. Another inch is forecast over the next 24 hours. Not sure what it all means or when exactly I'll finish planting. I do know exactly what window of opportunity means, however -- it means those hours or days between rains when the soil is dry enough to work and plant. We've also had five hailstorms, one very bad that calls for replacement stock in some areas and also a new roof.

The little bouquet of flowers in a salt shaker vase was a party favor. And my sewing machine is home again after a few weeks at the spa. She is repaired, cleaned inside and out, and has a healthy glow about her. Even though I don't sew that much, I am attached to this machine and really didn't like it being away. I thought about buying a new one but only for about 15 minutes because this one is the only one for me.

In case you like coffee substitutes, Teeccino has a new line of "tee" -- dandelion caramel nut made into an iced Americano-kind of beverage is amazing, I have one every afternoon lately. Lattes would be good too, I bet.

I love old-fashioned garden violets, Viola sp. Have you ever seen viola seed capsules? They don't form from petaled blossoms like their pansy cousins -- viola seed capsules form after spring bloom from small closed-petaled, self-pollinating (cleistogamous) blossoms along the trailing stems at the base of the plant. As the capsules dry out and shrink, pressure is created until the whole thing bursts to disperse its seeds. The original seed bombs. Being self-pollinated, these seeds are true-to-parent as well. From this one small clump it's easy to see how they proliferate so easily.

I find these cloudy days are conducive to waning moonwork -- completion, letting go, resting and dreaming. A forgotten 10-month-old dye bundle was unrolled -- those wrinkles are going to be impossible to get out though, right? -- the Hitchhiker scarf dance still going slow but easier after transferring to longer needles, a completed page for Journal52: treasure, and one new book bought solely on its good title.


Q: How many fairy godmothers does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Into what?


HollyM said...

I did not know that about the violets. We have them everywhere here too. I love the little bouquet. I pick one every few days all summer. I too gave glass salt shakers, small bottles and a few other small containers.
I'm going to save that shawl pattern and then check out the book.
Lovely post! Than you.

Nancy said... forgot about that bundle!! I was wondering how you could be so patient! The flowers are gorgeous. I'm glad you got your bay (sewing machine) back. That's pretty much how I feel about mine. Regarding the journal page, I say you do just this from the beauty you share here. Let us know how you like the book, calm is always good :) Have a good weekend, Nancy

taiqi said...

Try spray Sizing. It is amazing. A quilt teacher told me about it. Wrinkles just disappear. Janet Wright

Anonymous said...

Your hitchhiker is looking lovely! I'm loving all of the deep purply-reds in this post, especially on your journal page. My sewing machine could use some spa time, actually it's been so long, she probably will require physical therapy.

Ms. said...

Everything about your home is beauty, care and love. I have a whole plot of violets where I planted a single line ten years ago. And, by the way, it takes only one enlightened fairy to change a lightbulb into just about anything :->

Peggy said...

Thank you to all you kind people for your nice comments.

Thank you Janet for the tip to get rid of wrinkles, nearly all my dyed cloth is wrinkled to some degree. Can't wait to try it out!