Friday, February 21, 2014

horseradish and rosemary

After fighting a cold for several days, I surrendered. Sometimes that's the easiest thing to do. I see it as an opportunity to both detox and try different herbal remedies on myself. People don't take your recommendations seriously if you haven't experienced using them yourself. I think that applies to a lot of things, don't you? 

I started with horseradish. I mean to make horseradish sauce every autumn but things get too busy and I forget. The ground is frozen now so an organic root from the healthy food store sufficed. I chopped up enough root to fill a little glass jar and topped it off with 100 proof vodka. It should be strong enough to use in just a day or two, so I'll try it later to clear my nasal congestion. There was some root left so I grated it up (on the small holes of a box grater) and added a little vinegar and salt to make a condiment for last night's dinner. I also added a little cream to some of it but that really toned it down, almost too much. The bite is half the fun. If you take a spoonful of this and let it sit in your mouth until it stops feeling hot, it'll clear your sinuses. I've been doing this all day today and it works. Rather than me going over all the goodness of horseradish, here's a nice page on its medicinal uses. And Susun Weed of the Wise Woman Center was my inspiration to use horseradish for my cold and also for this easy method of condiment-making.

Today I made fresh ginger tea -- about a tablespoon of chopped fresh ginger steeped in hot water -- combined with homemade basil honey and it also cleared congestion -- I could even taste the sweetness which was wonderful. Honey is sugar, yes, but it also has antibiotic and antiviral qualities plus it lifts one's spirits. Then I had a mouthful of honey-candied osha root which is a precious commodity around here. Sometime I'll write about the experience of harvesting osha root by hand, literally, in the mountains. Finally, after testing all these various herbal medicines, I think I'll have the horseradish sauce bedside tonight as it does the best job, all in all. 

I'm starting to baby my houseplants again, poking in dog food kibble as fertilizer, topping the soil level, a haircut if needed, and ending with a nice shower. The cat figurine in the rosemary pot was my mom's so she's pretty old. And she loves being in the rosemary. In fact, her name is Rosemary! What a coincidence. ;)

When I was picking up the sleeve stitches on the February lady sweater, I knew I should have left the yarn that was place-holding them as a lifeline. But I didn't and as I was pulling it out I thought to myself you're going to be sorry. And I am so sorry. It has been a nightmare, I tell you. I told Jan I am not capable of doing such a pattern, I have no business knitting this sweater in the first place. I was in a dark place. After about four hours, I'm maybe back to where I was. I'm not going to be doing any more lace knitting any time soon.

So looking forward to finding new patterns on Ravelry -- as soon as those two sleeves are knitted up and they're only 3/4 length so it won't be long.

And that is that. Thanks for visiting here and happiest and healthiest of weekends to you! xo 


deanna7trees said...

so glad your remedy worked and hope you are fully recovered shortly. i understand how you feel about knitting lace. it takes complete attention. i can't do it and watch tv at the same time...too distracting. but, i must say that the second lace piece i did was much easier to accomplish. i chose a scarf instead of a shawl and it made me feel that i really can knit lace. your sweater is such a beautiful color.

Ms. said...

Hi, I come again for a shot of making sense, and here is remedy and beauty as always. YAY!

Nanette said...

Hope you're on the mend soon Peggy....surrender and nurture are good medicine. I love your hollowed-out chopping board, what a great idea, I make such a mess when grating, I must look out for one.

Nat Palaskas said...

Who need to go to the drug stores when we have you! I will remember this forever. I don't often get cold or flu, but when I do I will use your remedy portions. I like the sound of ginger tea and basil honey. Get better soon Peggy - Hugs Nat

Nancy said...

As it has now turned into Saturday morning, I hope you are already feeling lots better! I'm sick again too, but that's not news. That yarn is gorgeous and I love your Mama's kitty tucked away in the rosemary. Rosemary is a favorite scent of mine :)

Jeannie said...

I hope the remedies did the trick and you are feeling much better. You are talking my language when you put horseradish, ginger, rosemary, and honey all in one post! I chew candied ginger when I have a sugar craving. How do you keep rosemary healthy in the winter. I killed yet another plant this year. I don't know if I under/over water or if I keep that room too cool. Whatever I do, I end up with dried rosemary plants. Feel better, my friend! xo

dulcy said...

Love this post, as husband is suffering with a cold and I may be next. On Ravelry look up the Liesl pattern. It's for a tunic using a linen yarn. Lots of fun and easy to to knit.... and seems to come out great on everyone!

Warm thoughts!

Peggy said...

Deanna, I've looked at some other lace knitting patterns and oh my gosh, this sweater is simple compared to what I've seen!

Thank you, Michelle!

Hi Nanette, my board is sooo old and I got it from an estate sale. And surrender was the half of it. I have a hard time letting myself feel sick, like it's a bad thing, when really it's not.

Peggy said...

Hi Nat, now that my cold is gone, I have to say the horseradish was my favorite remedy. I am in love with horseradish. And that ginger and honey tea was good even when I couldn't taste anything!

Thanks, Nancy, and hope you're feeling better now, too! Love rosemary, think I'm going to make some rosemary honey next. :)

Peggy said...

Hi Jeannie, they did help! I love candied ginger, too -- it doesn't last long around me. I think that rosemary just doesn't like to dry out -- do you use clay pots? When I switched to either plastic or glazed pots, I started having better luck. I, too, would keep them alive until about this time of year and then they'd shrivel up. Hope this helps!

Peggy said...

Hi Dulcy -- I looked at the Liesl pattern and then clicked on "projects" and saw you there! It is absolutely lovely. Thanks for the tip. And I hope you didn't get the cold.