Thursday, January 9, 2014

boro patching, dyeing, stitching

It is definitely feeling like a waxing moon, isn't it? Or it might be New Year energy. Whatever, it seems to be motivating although I still wish there were more hours in the day. I know it's all a matter of perception and am working on creating a sense of time being as expansive as I need it to be. And trying to keep in mind that the word time can be interchanged with life -- there is enough life to do all that I want to do, life will tell, what life is it, life-permitting, etc. Thinking of time being life makes me want to spend it wisely. I've mentioned this concept before and first saw it in Slow Time by Waverly Fitzgerald.

I boro-patched a 5-6" ragged tear in Jan's jacket that made the inner pocket unusable. Mended and patched textiles are referred to as boro or rags in Japan so this jacket can now be called boro. It's his favorite one and doesn't have much time (life!) left. After I finished the patch and some other rips, it went into the washing machine inside-out on the hand-wash setting to prevent the outer cloth from further disintegration.

Some of my other boro patches are here and here.

I'm off coffee again and substituting with teeccino -- with a little half & half or cream, it's de-luscious. Nothing will ever replace coffee though, I'm just taking a break.

And here are the Thanksgiving flower dye bundles. I love the mossy, woodsy feeling of the outcome. I'd like to have clothes and blankets and carpets that looked just like these. The wool piece was wrapped around a burdock stalk from the garden -- this same stalk has been used over and over without breaking down and that's remarkable.

 The sky has been very blue -- this is through the skylight in the kitchen, so all I have to do is look up.

Doing more stitching on the components already in place on the long cloth. I'm sort of surprised that I thought this part was done because now it seems to need so much.

The avocadoes that have been accumulating in the freezer -- over 3 pounds -- are brewing in the dye-pot. I told Jan that this is what we were having for dinner. He said hmmm. He's probably eaten worse.

Thanks for visiting and happy weekending by the light of the beautiful moon -- look up sometimes, too. xo


Nat Palaskas said...

Love to see more of those bundles please? I feel the same this New Year too. I feel like I have spring under my foot! Boro is for life! My mother mended a lot of our cloths and I'm doing the same now. I dried avocado skins too, but haven't used them yet. What are you doing with them? Have a good weekend and keep warm Peggy - Hugs Nat

deanna7trees said...

i had a cup of coffee the other day for the first time in almost one year. it was good. i only crave it once in awhile now. tea has become my staple with a bit of honey. nice dye bundle. i haven't had time for that in months. avocado skins give such a nice pink.

Peggy said...

Hi Nat, I'm hoping to continue starting at least one new bundle during the time between the new moon and the full moon. The avocado dye-bath is for some wool and we'll see what else I can find. Stay cool. :)

Peggy said...

Deanna, coffee is just the best when you haven't had it for a long time. Sometimes I think that's why I go off and on it so much. But you know, as often as I quit coffee, I still go through a week and a half of aching legs and headaches. That tells me it's not that great for me in the first place. But it's so good. This is my first time making a big batch of avocado dye-bath -- it doesn't really look pink right now but I'm hoping it turns the wool pink.

Anonymous said...

the greens and golds in your cloth are wonderful. boro-ing is such a good way to add story to things, enriching them.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your dyed bundle is beautiful, what a great memory from Thanksgiving. I have a lot of dried avocado pits waiting. Its been below zero here and I haven't heated up the dye studio. But its calling me to get going. I get a nice warm pink with the dried pits.