Monday, January 27, 2014

a nice moonday

Today is a waning moonday moving into the sign of Capricorn. These last days of the current moon cycle beckon us toward self-discovery, reflecting, dreaming, resting. And in the mundane world, according to MoonTime, a moon guide, the waning moon in Capricorn is when to have your teeth cleaned. So now's the time to schedule an appointment around this same time, next month, February 24-25.

Something wonderful that I've discovered this month is flow, a magazine from the Netherlands. It's got soul -- not only is it filled with creative inspiration but also human inspiration. That quote by Willa Cather on the cover is from her book The Song of the Lark which I haven't read yet, I just realized. An interesting coincidence is that I read The Professor's House only a few weeks ago.

The January flower bouquet was rolled in wool and silk and steamed. That didn't do much so I plopped the bundles right into the water and boiled them both. I won't unroll either of these for a while but the golds and oranges are already showing. Then I decided to add a splash of iron water to the dye-bath from the boiling session and that was pretty amazing -- I dipped pieces of wool and silk in and they turned to a beautiful greenish gray almost immediately. Protein fibers are just the best. My iron water was made with 2 cups of water, 1 cup of vinegar, and rusty nails and other bits of iron. It doesn't look like much but it works.

I'm still slow-knitting the purple february lady sweater. I have to get cracking on this if I want it to really be a february sweater, so I'm resolved to knit at least two rows every day.

Wishing for a really nice week for all of us.


deanna7trees said...

oh yes, iron does do amazing things to the bundles. i haven't dyed anything in a long while...too busy with other things. never thought of leaving the lifelines in. i take mine out when i put in a new one. looks like your making headway on that beautiful sweater.

Nat Palaskas said...

I love using iron water. It works magic here for you. Those two bundles look promising. Don't you just love using flowers bouquet? I don't buy much flowers because we are not home much during the day to enjoy them. Have a nice week and keep warm - Hugs Nat

Nancy said...

The flowers are gorgeous and should provide well for your dyemagic! I love the 'enough' rock...this is so true, isn't it? My word for the year is 'flow'!!

Peggy said...

Deanna, well I had to cut them all to try it on so there's probably no reason to leave them at this point? I sure hope not!

Nat, it's going to be a new thing around here, too -- to have a fresh bouquet at least once a month, even in the cold months. Yay!

Nancy, I love the word flow. It's so taoist and non-resistant, isn't it? :)