Monday, December 9, 2013

cloud cloth moonday

A little kitchen witchin' -- I strained the holy basil oil and unrolled a dye bundle. The holy basil oil smells so good. I think we'll just use it straight out of the bottle because it might lose its holy fragrance during the salve-making process.

A silk dye-bundle was made from the hardiest of alyssum flowers a few weeks ago -- after almost everything around it had died and turned brown, the alyssum continued. The purple of its little blossoms was so intense, they simply would not be ignored.

A little stitching on the slow cloth. I sort of wish I hadn't outline-stitched that part with the red perle cotton, I'm not really feeling the red anymore. And an outline stitch isn't quite as easy as a back stitch or a running stitch to tone down or alter -- but I'm going to try and work with it.

Today is a waxing half moonday in Pisces. Half-way to a full moon. Half-way there will be a good mantra for the next eight days until then -- affirmative and trusting that things will come to fruition. Yes they will because I'm already half-way there.

This afternoon the half-moon high in the Colorado blue sky seemed to be made from a half-circle of white cloth. Seeing the moon during the day always makes me envision how I would stitch a day-moon-cloth -- what cloth could possibly duplicate that texture and translucence and softness. Today it wasn't my usual daydream of white lace, but a little half-circle of white cloud cloth. 

I have to find some cloud cloth now, pretty sure I have some.


Ms. said...

YIKE that pink is intense and wonderful! Be sure to show us cloud cloth as soon as you find it.

Nancy said...

Lovely color! running to post a little cloud cloth for ya...

handstories said...

such glorious color!
happy sky stitching to you.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your silk turned out beautiful. Let me know if it keeps it pink color, mine tends to turn brownish.
I always think it's special too when I see the sun and moon together. Looking forward to you cloth.

liniecat said...

I love the way your adding fabric to the embroidery....... innovative indeed!