Tuesday, November 19, 2013

an orange thing


I started that top piece years ago, I think when Anthropologie first came to Denver and they had those big pillows with random applique, embroidery, and needlepoint all over them. I really enjoy this way of doing applique -- fitting colorful little pieces into small areas. When I don't know what to do and am trying to make a decision on a sewing project, I sometimes pick this one up for a few minutes. It's the epitome of slow cloth.

It dawned on me this morning that there's an orange thing going. From the sun/moon cloth to the random applique to new on-sale hand towels. To surrender to this orange thing -- the half-sun cloth is becoming the November moon cloth. November's calendar cloth needs some toning down so it's soaking in the acorn dye-bath for a while.

Today is a waning moon tuesday in the sign of Gemini. Gemini days feel light and airy and energetic -- good for running errands, making preparations, and brainstorming. Gemini also makes us feel very social, so meetings and outings with friends might come together now with very little effort. I always notice that Gemini days are fun.

To a week doing whatever we want. How about that?


Nanette said...

Love all the orange around you Peggy, such a vibrant warming colour. Your moon cloth is shaping up to be very interesting. Have a great week of pleasing yourself.

Ms. said...

Gemini energy missed me entirely today, but your orange medley here perked me up. That chair fascinates me...the different arms of it...and as for the turkey glass--who could resist!

deanna7trees said...

love what you're doing in that first image. a great project for when you're undecided.

Nancy said...

As usual...love it all, even if orange is not usually my thing! That November acorn moon will be fun to watch. I too was interested in that chair...especially with the trailing ivy. I've always wanted an ivy plant in the house, ever since I saw the Sunshine movie as a young teen. However, I always manage to kill 'em off.

Deb G said...

Orange is perfect for this time of year. My mother once painted her kitchen orange. It was very, well, bright. :) I love the projects!

Peggy said...

Nanette, thanks -- funny I didn't used to like orange that much but it's literally all over the house! ;)

Michelle, the rocker is an oldie, spent $30 at Goodwill a long time ago, had it reupholstered a while back. Yes, the arms are nice and it's proved to be a good place to plop down into.

Thanks, Deanna!

Nancy, ivy goes where she wants to, seems to want to attach to the leaves in the upholstery of the rocker! I told her "have a seat" and she's still there. Ha. The deal with ivy is that it can never be dry for long. I speak from many sad experiences.

Thanks, Deb -- hey if the cook is happy, everyone is happy, right?