Monday, September 16, 2013

a knitted acorn moonday

Overviews from the day -- taking notice. The little acorn was knitted up this morning. I love to collect oak acorns in the fall but they're just not that easy to find around here. Knitted ones will suffice though! The pattern is here -- thank you, Suse.

Organic pomegranates from the healthy food store -- so little, we hardly ever see them this small, they're usually huge -- a nice size for drying, too. Every year I lay one on the furnace and by winter's end, it's nicely dried out and ready to be added to an ongoing winter potpourri mix.

Today was our first full day with clear skies in quite a while, it seems. It's still a little soggy outside and sadly, flooding continues in some nearby areas. Yet life goes on. The Maximilian sunflowers, Helianthus maximiliani, are coming on strong and their sunny, healing vibe is most welcome in the house. The stamps are from an estate sale in our neighborhood -- I remembered the woman who lived there was from Europe -- I hope there are some unusual stamps from afar in the mix. I'm leaving them on the coffee table for anyone who wants to sift through them. Another thing I remembered about her was that she fed any kind of wildlife, even pigeons, because she had survived the war and had seen so many animals starve to death. And probably worse. I always liked that she had such a kind heart for birds and animals.

Today is a waxing moonday in the sign of Aquarius. In just a few days, our growing moon will reach fullness once again. About now, it's good to start taking notice and validate the positive in life. Kind people, nice weather, healthy food, clean air and water, yarn to knit and cloth to stitch -- that cup is way more than half full. I just know it.

A beautiful week to you! xx


Jeannie said...

I loved the story of the stamp lady. I hope that when I am gone, people will think kind thoughts like that of me. (Not for a long, long, time though!) I feel so badly for Coloradians. First drought, fires, and now deluge. I hope this is the end of it. I adore the acorn and will try one out this evening. It is so cute next to the leaves and poms. Have a beautiful day!

Nancy said... where shall I begin?
1. Have you ever consider a professional photography career? I can see each of your amazing photos in some home decorating magazine or high end catalog!
2. I will trade you some real acorns for a knitted one (as soon as I am well enough to go collecting!)
3. I just sold a huge gathering of stamps that my son was given when he was somewhere around nine years old, or maybe it was eleven years old. A guy his dad did a tile job for was a collector and thought my son may want to begin this as a hobby too. he never did and there they sat on his closet shelf all these years! Most of them were not worth any money value at all. But the elderly stamp store man that bought a few was going to offer them to school-aged students and scouts to teach, inspire and maybe begin them in the hobby of stamp collecting. I liked that story and was happy to sell them to him for $7.50!
I love your stamp story equally!
4. Sunflowers sure do provide a burst of sunshine! So is coming here to your place!
Thanks for the cheer on this wheezy Monday :)

Peggy said...

Hi Jeannie, thanks and hope you make an acorn, they're so sweet! We are back to hot weather, I had to water all the outside flower pots, seems weird to be watering again already. ;)

Peggy said...

Hi Nancy!
1)oh I am no where even close to that! You're too nice.
2) it's a deal!
3) we have stamp stories!
4) I hope you're feeling 100% better under sunny CA skies.

Suse said...

The acorn turned out beautifully, and what a lovely blog you have here. Thank you for letting me know.

handstories said...

it's always so cheering to come here. such a sweet acorn. today i've opened the windows & sat outside, trying to clear the air after a week of colds and flu in the house.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

I love acorns and your is so cute!

helen said...

Started looking for acorns to dye with yesterday...none fallen yet. Your little knitted one is so very cute :~)

Have been out to say 'hello' to the moon....she is shining nearly as brightly as your beautiful sunflowers.
It poured with rain and blew a gale, (what we call 'Full Moon Weather' in our house), until she reached fullness at 11:13 this morning, then it cleared to sunny, blue skies :~)
Blessed be. x

liniecat said...

Bless the stamp lady! The collection looks great as is ina bowl, nicer than slapped flat in an album somehow. So many stamps are exquisitely beautiful and though used probably much less now, we look at them for such a short amount of time, before they end up in a mail box.
You know how some folks are crocheting toggly bits to dangle off lampashade edges or to use as edgings on throws?
I can just see a knitted acorn adging!
On me time and I will think of something that needs an acorn edging! lol