Monday, January 14, 2013

hyacinth bulb in a jar moonday

Linens, cottons, threads and lace. I read somewhere to gather items you're drawn toward and place them all together in a basket. Then see what happens.

It's been cold here, even dipping below 0 degrees, so I'm deeply grateful for the green nation inside the house. My hyacinth bulb is showing signs of life now, hyacinth bulbs aren't like paperwhites that shoot up seemingly overnight, they take their time. The trick is to not give them so much water that they sit in it and rot. That reminds me, I still have one more yule jar to deliver.

Today is a moonday in Pisces, a cool and moist sign. Pisces is a sensitive sign where boundaries and reality might seem blurry -- I almost envision a kind of fogginess. When conditions are so foggy we can't see, we must stay in and focus on what is clear. By moving our focus inward now with Pisces, we can find amazing inner clarity in the areas of imagination, intuition and spirituality.

Pisces rules the feet specifically but also intensifies outside influences on all parts of the body. Maybe now is the time to make gentle changes that strengthen and support problem areas in any part of the body.

Hoping for warm weather here where I live. And cool, moist Piscean weather wherever it's needed but especially Australia.


the wild magnolia said...

I so love your yule jars, and ideas.....

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your hyacinth jar is a wonderful gift. I love how you made it. Nothing says "Spring" more than the smell of hyacinths. Seeing it makes me wish I could find some bulbs and plant them.

Peggy said...

Thank you, dear kind Wild Magnolia.

Peggy said...

Hi Kathy, thanks and I hope you do! -- just look for bulbs at the nursery that have already been put in cold storage.

Jacky said...

I have plans for a hyacinth jar later this year too. You have inspired me. How beautiful and fragrant, and a lovely gift for friends.

That basket of fabrics and threads idea is great too. Looking forward to seeing the outcome.

Jacky xox

Marie said...

HI Peggy,

I love that clothes pin idea with the thread. This is the year of the plant here ....seeds are already started for spring and things will be grown indoors until then.
I am very excited about gardening this year!
I love hyacinth and all flowers! I had paper whites many years ago around the Holidays and really enjoyed them.
Have a great day! xo

Peggy said...

Jacky, thanks and I hope you love making them as much as I did. I haven't had any inspiration about the cloth and threads in the basket, other than they may be what I use for the next full moon cloth. Maybe, just maybe!

Peggy said...

Thank you, Marie -- the clothespins are such great thread-keepers and if you keep track of color codes, they can be written right on the clothespins. I can't believe it's nearly time to start seeds here again, too. Good luck with yours!