Friday, November 2, 2012

knitting green

This is how the coffee table looked this morning. That green sweater that I started two or three years ago -- it's been so long that I've lost track -- is close to being finished.

I decided to try a green hexipuff for the beekeeper's quilt, a slightly different color. The holey sea stone from Lyn is a sweet holder.

Thanks for visiting and happy weekending. I'll be right here knitting green. xxx


  1. that needle holder. just bought the Jane Austin Knits magazine and there is a shawl in there i must make.

  2. green (geen) is my favorite color and this is a beautiful green.

  3. This photo is perfection! I am such a green girl...a leaf lover...each element photographed is splendid :)
    You could make a living setting the scene for photographs!
    Will you show the green sweater completed? Will you tell more about the 'leaves' shown?
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Such a beautiful green...(and yes, green is my favourite colour)

    I do love that holey stone. What a perfect needle holder.

    Jacky xox

  5. what a great needle holder idea! and beautiful autumn happenings here. congratulations on nearing the end of a sweater.

  6. Thanks, Deanna -- I haven't seen that magazine, will have to watch for it. I'm getting antsy about choosing my next project!

    Thank you, Wild Magnolia, kindred green lover!

    Nancy, leaf and green lover! Thank you. The table cloth is just a bunch of cloth leaves sewn on. I bring it out every autumn -- it's from a store (I didn't make it) a long time ago. I hang onto good stuff forever.

    Jacky, thank you! I love knowing that so many of my blog friends have green as their favorite color!

    Trish, you, too! We are a gathering of green women. :)

    Cindy, thank you! It's not quite finished yet, but a little closer every day. Am sort of uneasy that it won't fit. But what the hey.