Thursday, September 22, 2011

a grape week

It's been a grape week so far. Grape walnut conserves have been made. Grape juice has been made. Grape vinegar has been made. Cloth has been dyed and pulp has been frozen for future dyeing. And there's still a little stretch of vine that I haven't harvested yet.

The fruits, seeds, leaves, and young shoots of grapes, Vitis spp., are all edible. They support the liver and kidneys and are considered to be a good blood tonic -- one of my herbal teachers uses grape vinegar to help the body assimilate other nutrients.

If you see a recipe with Veronique in the name, you know it contains grapes. And, my favorite thing about this sacred plant -- grapes symbolize peace and abundance.

peace & abundance vinegar

This vinegar is made directly under the vine so have a jar for the grapes and a bottle of apple cider vinegar on-hand. After taking pause for a moment to connect with the plant spirit of grape, silently request permission to harvest while making an offering of some sort. I usually sing for my offering, or hum, or just sing in my head if there are people around. Then pick the ripe grape clusters and detach each grape until the jar is filled. Fill the jar again with the apple cider vinegar. Screw on a plastic lid and let sit in a dark cupboard for 2-4 weeks. Strain and store in a cool place.

We do what we can.


  1. Love this...we all do and try as we can, yes?
    That purple cloth is gorgeous!

  2. Happy grape harvest my dear. Such a great post, thank you. The bundle is so vibrant I wander how much color would remains - Enjoy Nat

  3. Nancy, yes we do. And, thanks, the cloth turned out just right, I think.

  4. Nat, it was so bright at first, you're right. The photo doesn't do the dried cloth justice, colorwise -- it's still pretty gaudy! I'll have to be in a wild and crazy mood when I use it.

  5. Gracie, thanks for the compliment!