Thursday, September 1, 2011

gooseberry pie

Gooseberries, Ribes spp., are sort of labor intensive. Picking them is a slow and careful process, just take a look at the thorns. Then both ends of the gooseberry need to have a little something twisted off -- the stem on the top end and a bristly spine at the other end. That makes two times that each berry is handled.

I read in one of my herbals that studies at the Institute of Biological Physics in Russia have shown that unripe gooseberries can prevent degeneration of body cells, meaning illness and aging. They also have a cleansing effect and remove toxins from the body so they might be helpful before or during a fast.

What is it about eggs that makes them merge as if they're one?

After looking around for a pie recipe, I decided that gooseberries are a lot like rhubarb, just not as tart. So I used my annual rhubarb pie recipe, substituting gooseberries for rhubarb, reduced the sugar, and left out the crust. It still held together nicely, thanks to the two eggs.


Now back to some stitching . . .


  1. What do gooseberries taste like???
    The pie looks delicious...
    Have fun stitching! : )

  2. Happy Sept 1st - that pie loooks wonderful even without the crust, ha : ) Jude is back, YAY !!!!!!
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  3. Marie, thanks -- they're sort of a combination of sweet and sour. I think the trick is to not use too much sugar so you can still taste the sour. Needle and thread. Soon.

  4. Sandra, thanks and happy 9/1/11 to you, too! Can't believe it's September already. I think I say that every year. But I love this time of year. So glad Jude's back!

  5. YUM...I miss our gooseberries!

    We always made them into jam but I'd like them any which way. Gooseberry pie sounds delicious but pie goes so fast...with jam you can sort of stretch it out. :-)

    Thanks for the memories...I hadn't thought of gooseberries for a long time. Sigh.


  6. Treena, I bet the jam was wonderful -- maybe next year I'll make a few small jars of jam instead of a pie -- you're right, it's gone waayy to fast in a pie!