Monday, April 4, 2011

go-slowly moonday

new beginnings in the moon basket . . .

vase~fresh flowers in the house again very soon

cloth strips~weaving and sewing

journal~some spring writing exercises

sketchpad~sketching before sewing

vintage frame~to be filled and hung

seed amulet~journey deeper with sunflower, my plant ally

heart shape~see what happens with cloth and thread

Today is a waxing crescent moonday in the sign of Taurus. Yesterday was the first new moon of Spring growing into the first full moon of Spring. Some holy days are arranged around lunar events -- even Easter is always the first Sunday after the first full moon after Spring Equinox.

This Spring waxing moonday seems to hold special potential. A new/waxing moon is always a time for beginnings, but add Spring to the mix and we have ourselves a little power surge. Spring is the epitome of hope; I sometimes think that this time could be named Hope or Hoping instead of Spring. We hope for so many things now. In the garden we hope that our seeds germinate and grow, we hope for rain and no late freezes, that the bees are healthy this year, for a good harvest, and that we can keep up with it all.

The Earth sign of Taurus ruling a waxing moon is one of the best times ever to sow seeds. The seeds want to reconnect with Mother Earth now, they seem to fly out out of our hands into Her. Even if the Earth is in plastic 4-packs, it doesn't matter. If you work outside, the day quality of Taurus is cool, so dress a bit warmer than you would think.

On another level, Taurus makes us want to slow our pace, to ground and stabilize, and to think. We can draw upon all three energies in play now -- waxing moon, Taurus and Spring -- to form personal desires and fuel them with hope the same way we do for the garden.

Taurus rules the lower face and neck areas including the ears, the teeth, throat, vocal chords, and the thyroid gland. That means these parts are vulnerable and also that they may be more successfully treated at this time. When you think about the discomfort of problems in any of these parts -- sore throat, losing your voice, earaches, TMJ -- it makes sense to go with the flow of Taurus, which is . . . smile, breathe and go slowly. ~Thich Nhat Hanh


  1. smile, breathe and go slowly.........
    i'll remember that, thank you!

  2. Taurus comes at the perfect time because I, too, need to remember this right now -- smile, breathe, go slowly -- maybe we all do!?! And Taurus gives us permission (or commands us!) to do so...xo