Monday, November 14, 2016

the hermit month

I've discovered a few good things to do in November...beginning with not overdoing it in October. That is key.

Clear and sort -- you might come across at least one project that was left behind last November. With minimal effort, you too could have, say, a new bunting. Pattern here.

Light candles, create sacred space.

Finish the harvest. Long ago at this time of year, the practice was to leave whatever was still growing in the fields, for Nature to do with as she would. It is okay to not collect every single thing.

Fold, fill and label seed packets

Meet a tree spirit by looking closer at tree trunks and watch and listen for movement in the branches. It will happen. Touch trees and plants and tell them how much you love them and wish them well, the same as you would a loved one. Tender loving care is the core of energy healing.

Try to let go and fall like leaves do. I love November so much -- maybe because it's all about relinquishing control. And it's the hermit month of the year so we can do hermit things the whole month long.  

I'm interested in psychometry, the energy in objects. The first time I held the septarian heart at a gem and mineral show, I about fell to the floor. Of course I bought it. It's been on a windowsill for a few months and I am just now starting to work with it. Septarian is also called dragon stone, but I haven't found that much information on its energetic qualities and what I've seen online is contradictory so I guess I will have to form my own understanding. One side of the heart is patterned and polished smooth and the other side looks like plant material inside a pod or under a mushroom cap. Like it's alive. 

Look for true colors...see what the nettles have done in their cronehood. Aren't they gorgeous with their white leaves?

We're in the season of the dark, moving slower, pulling inward. The thought that invisible beginnings are forming now is comforting. x


Luna Crone said...

Oh happy sigh... Reading here, I realize how I now resonate, with your kind of blog, and views. Thank you!

Saying this, after reading/commenting in a couple of blogs, where I do not resonate with their views. And yet, I was trying to work my way around the differences. To each her/his own of course. But Wisdom lies, in realizing where one feels more "at home."

I love "The Hermit Month" idea! November can be difficult to feel "at home" in. And yet I love the idea of slowing down, in the Season of Winter. Why haven't I put the two, together?? Thank you, for doing so, for me.

I love many things, here. -happy sigh- Again, thank you

November blessings,
Luna Crone

Rhonda Buss said...

Love your post 😊 I am such a fan of fall and all that it represents.

Judy Martin said...

Thank you for your gift of the idea of November being the hermit month.
I love it!

Beautiful post.

Deb G said...

Love this post...letting go, yes. Maybe that's one reason I've struggled with November, I've needed to work on letting go.

dulcy said...

Have been wanting to give the little leaf bunting a go. Also, the seed packets are a great idea. Thinking that might be a fun thing to do with friends. People could bring their seeds and interesting recycled papers. You always have something fun to try Peggy!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

What a wonderful piece the pink quilt. I think the blue moons are a perfect next generation addition.
I love you line "I don't know why I have to do these things", I feel the same way about a lot of my pieces, including my Earth weaving that gradually goes back to the Earth, people don't understand why I don't try to keep it. No, its a temporary installment.

Anonymous said...

invisible beginnings, I like that!