Friday, June 24, 2016

solitary solstice 2

A token Midsummer's Day offering for the wildlife who visit here -- red and white alpine strawberries on a bark trencher, dropped off by our maple tree during the last rainstorm. The white berries are sweet but not quite equal to the red.

On the other side of the fence between a neighbor and us. The more aged and weathered, the more beautiful this tree becomes. 

One might assume the tree is dead, but to the contrary, she is teaming with life inside and outside.

The beginning of a woven midsummer's day cloth, about 4" square.

A Midsummer's Eve offering for the spirits -- things I would like if I was a faery...cottonwood fluff, strips of plant-dyed cloth, shiny foil...actually the same things I like as a human!

When the dogs and I walked into the park near the creek earlier today, hundreds of dragonflies greeted us. Magic is afoot. Happy Midsummer's Day to you. xx


liniecat said...

Dragon flies are magical somehow!
Sad to think the days will start shortening now
but lovely to see so much growth and listen to the blackbird out back in the evenings, singing his heart out :)

Peggy said...

Lyn, yes, I love seeing them! It's been quite the weather here so actually cooler, shorter days can't get here soon enough for me. :) I thought of you when I heard the news about Brexit. Wow, things are changing everywhere, aren't they?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the woven Cloth....

the gifts for fairies

i think of your fairies a little differently, the beings here, more
amorphous, more ummmm, well, not pretty, but i do know that
they too would love these gifts, and yes, as i would too.

am loving these posts very much. Thank you.

dulcy said...

Well, if I were a faery, I would love to find those treasures! I really like the little woven cloth. It could be a little bed. It's all very magical!

jenclair said...

Lovely photos! Makes me think of illustrations for a book about your fairies.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Enjoying your Solstice posts, love the weaving.

handstories said...

I'm sure many fairies dwell in your world, Peggy. & I still remember the first time I saw a dragonfly, I couldn't believe they were real!

Ms. said...

Ah--pretty pretty pretty post....I was in Massachusetts with dear old friends and there were fireflies and we made elderberry flower croquettes and drank white wine. you would have loved it. The recipe is on the blog "Elderberry delights" :-->