Wednesday, February 17, 2016

moon stitch rituals

My 2015 moon stitch ritual ended with the 13th moon embroidered in the same yellow as the first moon from January of last year. There are now 13 meandering color pathways on this oldish thrifted natural linen runner, about 60" long. 

I truly love this piece and think there will always be a place for it somewhere in the house. 

Its name is pathways, see how it evolved here.

The endings-are-beginnings idea -- one of the quotes added to my early spring collage project...still in progress.

And with one stitch ritual ended, a new one began -- it's a good thing I wanted to sew more this year because I certainly am doing just that. Golden circles on a gray background seemed right for the moon phase currently in play -- February's moon cloth, the second of 13 moon cloths to be appliqued onto an old white quilt for this year's sewing ritual. The quilt, even though it is in disrepair, is still in use on the bed so safety pins seemed a better option than straight pins until the basting is finished. 

Today is a waxing moonday in Cancer and we are having balmy weather in the 60's. Very odd. And I found ants on my little altar table this morning after opening my eyes from meditating. I traced them to the soil of a potted orange tree so the tree was rolled (on wheels) straight outside for a little sun. Under its mossy mulch, the soil was teeming with gnats and little flies and ants. Since it's so nice out today, I'm hoping they all just crawl out of there but if they do stay or come back, there's a thick layer of cinnamon powder sprinkled over the exposed soil. We'll see. I actually can live with the gnats, they really haven't been any bother, I didn't even know they were there. It's the ants. No bueno.

Wishing you a lovely week. xx


Nancy said...

I love it too. I really like how the golden warm yellows hold each side and a whole year happens in between. De-lish! I like the new moon starting off too...will the moons all be different? I like that it is on something white and something in use! Love the quote and the journal page...perspective tells the story. It seems each page you share screams of Spring! And the ants...Oy the ants...our kitchen and bathroom have been hosting ant parties for weeks. We can't seem to see where they are coming in from (no big long trail)..they are just there and won't go away. We're trying to be peaceful...but going nuts.

deanna7trees said...

that 60" embroidered cloth is magnificent....and you and Nat have me intrigued with your moon circles project. i'm still resisting starting one.

liniecat said...

I adore your cloth with its meandering paths. It seems so peacefully content in its intertwined simplicity.
Something to live contentedly along side in years to come. Fabulous.
And that bed cover of yours has aged so beautifully, any worn areas are part of its charm, though the additions look organic and add to its inheritance somehow. Inspired stitching that, enabling it to be treasured for longer.
Love that its still used whilst under reconstruction lol
Perfect harmony that somehow.

Chip Butter said...

Lots of sewing...sounds great to me! I love your "Pathways" linen runner! There will forever be memories for you along those pathways. I can only imagine..."Now, I was stitching right about here for the sixth moon's pathway when..." :~)

Ms. said...

As always here is comfort, beauty, and inspiration.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your moon pathways is wonderful. I can just see the moon dancing across the sky in it. I'm sure it will always be special.
You new piece is perfect for stitching in bed after all shouldn't that be where all moon stitching takes place:)