Monday, September 22, 2014

autumn moonday

Today is Autumn Equinox and also a dark moonday in the sign of Virgo. Day and night are equal for a brief time before the darkness grows and we once again turn our focus toward inner things -- hopes and dreams, books, gatherings, gift-making, even housework.

But first, I like to think about what to let go of before beginning to focus inward. I seem to write a lot of notes to myself and make little lists on papers (or sticks) of what I either want to release or what I hope for. A small pile had built up so I burned them all this morning and consider this to be part of my letting-go process. A stick I'd written on didn't want to burn and I wondered if I didn't really want to let go of what was written on it! But finally it did.

Then I thought about things I hope for and look forward to in the darker months ahead -- plans, projects, qualities, people. I gathered the seeds I've been harvesting from the garden the past few weeks and collected a few more fresh ones this morning -- then I made a seed mandala to symbolize what will grow in the future. This required a steady hand and mind to make so that was good as I tend to get excited about things like this. It's still not perfect with all the little seeds that bounced everywhere, but it is, as they say -- perfectly imperfect.

Autumn is really not the best time to harvest southernwood, Artemisia abrotanum, but I went ahead and collected all I felt was possible without damaging the plant. Four nice big bunches were cut and hung for a future group project and oh the fragrance wafting through the air reminded me how very much I love this artemisia. I'm showing how to tie the string for hanging bundles -- this way as the plant material dries and shrinks, the string will actually pull tighter and the plant material won't slip through. 

The dandelions are so nice this time of year and aren't quite so bitter, they really sweeten up with cooler temperatures -- these pickings are for Dandelion Italiano. Our Lady of Guadeloupe partially took on the Goddess Bast a few days ago, I hope she doesn't mind the company. September's moondala stitchery is coming along and I'm getting ready to cast on some knitted leaves in fall colors, pretty excited about that -- pattern here

There is still so much going on outside, the flowers are giving it their all -- it's like fireworks in the garden. The big show. The grand finale. I'm wishing you a beautiful equinox day, whether it be autumn or spring. xo

P.S. If you've come here via Lyn and the World Blog Hop, welcome! I'll pay the honor forward next post. Thank you, Lyn!


Joan@CopperCreeker said...

the mandella is beautiful.
i enjoy reading your blog. you share so much of how you live by moon and seasons.
thank you for sharing ♥

Sandi Meegan said...

gorgeous mandala! <3

Ms. said...

Every photograph frames a mini masterpiece that lightens my view. Every word reminds me it's time, and it is all right. I feel it even here-- encased in brick, surrounded by glass and steel, wrapped in endless cables--I feel the pull of green going, of rot and rebirth, and in the wind tonight the smell of Winter.

Nearby people's climate change marchers are traveling back to their homes, while some marched to wall street to face arrest, dignitaries and presidents from all the world are arriving for the United Nations Climate Summit. Further away, a friend sits deathwatch with a beloved cat, another friend has fallen into deep depression and will not be soothed, and yet another has run out of remedies for his manic rage. Elsewhere millions are cold, hungry, abused and afraid.

I sit here and breathe it all in, light a candle that will burn through this Equinox night to dawn, turn down the bed cover in preparation, and breathe out a prayer: "May you be happy, may you be free of suffering, may you feel peace in your heart."

jude said...

lovely. thank you

Jen Kershner said...

Such lovely stitching! What is it about handiwork that is so soul soothing?

Nat Palaskas said...

Almost the same day I posted about spring when you posted about autumn! Your garden gives you plentiful for winter, that's wonderful. I enjoy even only reading about them - Hugs Nat

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

This us a beautiful post Peggy.
Your moondala is perfect for Autumn, I love the colors.
Thank you for the information on how to hang herbs to dry. I didn't know that trick.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know that book! I gave it to my long ago friend, Janie, who loved ravens & crows… your mandala is beautiful as a vision & meditation. I appreciate & admire how you live your life with such intention. Thank you for sharing.

Liz Ackert said...

You might enjoy Portia Munson's botanical mandalas