Monday, October 14, 2013

red powder moonday

Stitching 'round and 'round on the woven, as to whether it's a mandala -- well, probably not. But I still call it that.

Cayenne peppers were dried and ground into about a cup of powder. I sneezed and coughed and opened all the windows and doors and turned the stove fan on. Hot stuff. And redder than the commercial cayenne pepper, which for some reason makes me very proud. I used a spice grinder and it worked great.

A change of direction for the $2 skeleton from JoAnn's. I painted it white, then yellow, then white again, and in the end it was simply papered with old dictionary pages. I like about anything if it's covered with book pages.

Today is a waxing moonday in watery Pisces. Moist, cool, and fruitful, Pisces draws us inward and makes us more intuitive, more sensitive. Outer edges and personal boundaries can seem unclear and blurred. How we see things may not be the way others see them -- so live and let live!

Wishing you a most receptive week.


Nanette said...

all lovely! I particularly like your round and round stitching. Are your 'mums in pots or planted in the garden...they make a beautiful display. The "seeing differently and unclear and blurred boundaries" rings bells for me!
Have a good week Peggy.

Peggy said...

Thanks, Nanette. The mums are in pots but the ones in the ground are still going strong, too, just not as symetrical.

Rings true for me, too. When are you going to get back to blogging, I miss seeing what you're up to? How are your chickens and the pup?

Nanette said...

It must be time, I've had a number of people ask me lately! I've been composing posts in my head, so I guess that's a good start. My pup is big now, and so smart, so beautiful. She has lovely manners and is such a joy to have. Ditto the chickens...well, maybe not the big, but the rest, for sure. Keep nudging me *smile*

Nancy said...

Love this cloth. The stitching is so interesting...and love the woven words!

Peggy said...

Thanks, Nancy -- you said you were thinking about stitching in the round, too -- I have to say that circles can be alpha-state inducing -- once decisions about colors, stitch patterns, etc. are made. ;)