Monday, September 17, 2012

moonday wishing

The squirrels ate most of the plums on one particular plum tree. I wrapped a paper bag around one that was left so it could ripen undisturbed. They immediately stopped eating all plums and turned to the tomatoes. Dozens of tomatoes have been sampled, I wish they wouldn't do that. We eat what's left after cutting off the bitten area. Aren't things turned around here?

A crocheted wool headband, the first usable thing I've crocheted. I usually wear headbands instead of hats when it's cold out, so this is good. Not a color I wear often, it wasn't really meant to be anything other than a practice piece. But one row led to another until it was a headband. I'll certainly stand out on snowy days.

Lunaria seeds for new moon wishes.

Today is a waxing moonday in the sign of Libra, less than two days since the new moon on Saturday. A new moon time energizes beginnings and even a thought, hope, or wish for something is a beginning. On top of it all, Libra is ideal for initiating things, especially with another person. It's not too late -- I am making wishes (intentions) with lunaria seeds and will sprinkle them back into the garden later today.

Libra is an air sign that helps us to see and enjoy the beauty in life. We want to get along with people and we want everyone around us to get along as well. Something else to keep in mind is that Libra days are thought to be good for creativity, decorating, and clothes shopping. Maybe we're not so hard on ourselves now.

Libra affects the lower back, hips, bladder and kidneys. Problems in those areas may flare up while at the same time they may also be treated more easily. Simply drinking water can heal and support the bladder and kidneys in a big way. And again, the idea of water being conscious arises. I once saw Z. Budapest speak on a book tour -- when she was given a glass of water, she remembered, even in front of a roomful of people, to thank her water before she drank. A water ritual, so beautiful.

Thanking water in advance today.


deanna7trees said...

good job on that head band. a little bit longer and it could have been a belt. i will do some planting today as well. just looked at my indigo plants that only grew 2" high with very few small leaves but amazingly, they are going to seed. unbelievable.

liniecat said...

What a lovely green that is and a successful first crochet wearable too! Nice one!
And kind of you to feed the squirrels... : (
tried heavy duty water pistols yet???

Jeannie said...

I bet the squirrels to the low hanging walnuts. I left the ones at the top of the tree for the squirrels. They don't appreciate it. They are taking revenge by taking a bite out of the tomatos. Why? Like you, I don't mind them nibbling, but take the whole thing. Your headband is just the thing for when the wind blows cold. Is lunaria one of those seeds that needs a touch of cold to germinate, like poppies? Wishing you a beautiful week.

Deb G said...

Oh that reminds me I need to try bagging my apples before they figure out they are there...and maybe some of the grapes that are just about ripe. Darn squirrels.

Ms. said...

Greeeeeeeeen! You will be seen for sure. Lovely to think about being easier on the self, drinking more water, and being grateful :-)

Nancy said...

The big tree cutting trucks uncovered a few walnuts. Maybe the squirrels will be confused as to where they left them! Ha! Revenge :) They love my apricots, but this year we managed to get more :)
I smiled when I read 'air' sign as we have lots more air (sky) to see now and had a beautiful sunset as I'd predicted! Yay!
Love the very green headband. Congrats on a first project. I wore them all the time as a child (didn't we all in the 1960's?)

Marie said...

I love the story about gratitude. It is so important to be thankful for everything.
I try to remind myself all the time to be thankful, even when I feel grumbly! lol!
I was smiling when I read the part about the squirrels. They can be pesky little creatures, but nice that you share...ummm they share with you : )
Love the headband and the bright!
xo <3

Peggy said...

Thanks, Deanna. I'm going to an extending the season lecture tonight, hope to pick up some tips for my cold frame. I'll post a photo next week maybe of those indigo plants I ordered.

Lyn, thank you. The problem will the squirt gun idea is I'd have to sit out there from dawn to dusk. At least. ;)

Jeannie, we have the same family of squirrels! The little buggers. Not sure about the lunaria needing cold but that would make sense.

Hi Deb, oh yes, get out there as soon as possible! Save the apples!

Thank you, Michelle -- you've said it all right there! :)

Peggy said...

Nancy, I love that you related to increased air/sky that enabled the view. Change is afoot in all kinds of ways. Yes, I think I knit a headband in the 60's, too. Don't think I wore it though!

Thanks, Marie. Gratitude seems to be something that comes easier and more often with age -- for me anyway, do you notice that, too? Yes, it's a bright green all right!